Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Day Dinner

In the past, I would cook up a storm for friends during our Christmas Day gathering.  It is fun and relaxing if planned properly but of course, the aftermath of washing up and finishing the leftover is another matter altogether.  I would usually do a roast, usually chicken or sometimes pork ribs, and it gives me joy to see all friends gather on a table over a round of home cooked meals. 

There´s only two of us in our family as you know.  As a young couple, there are advantages to it and at times too, disadvantage for example during festive occasion where I wanna put my domestic goddess-wannabe desire into practise. This year, I settle for something totally easy of the pack. But it was a yummy dinner neitherless.

We started our dinner with a glass each of Vodka Martini. Hub asked me to guess what the combination is but I failed to recognise the hint of Vodka. Hehe lou kung, more Vodka in please ...

We skipped appetiser and had main course instead.  We had Duck in Orange Sauce which is french inspired. The orangey, sweety sauce complimented the tender duck breast really well. It was really yummy.  I serve them with baby carrots smeared in thyme butter - something I learned from Jamie Oliver´s Christmas Edition program.  Thyme in butter indeed taste great together.  The pear thingy you see here is actually mashed up potato with bread crust outer.  We both loveee this as well. 

Desert is courtesy of Paula and Paddy whom gave us this authentic Fruit Cake all the way from England when they came to visit. They were indeed rich and full of whiskey taste, and deeply flavoured.  Not to mention sweet too so thankfully, I manage to get a tip from Paula just before consumption and she´d reminded me to enjoy them with fresh cream.  Hubby said that the cake was so rich that having the accompanying cream felt like it was diet cream!

So, that´s our dinner on Christmas Day :-)

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  1. happy new year!!! I'm loving your christmas dinner..and the kitchenaid from your in laws! what a lovely surprise. May 2011 brings u more love and surprises. ;) and stay warm! i saw that it is really cold in germany!


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