Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chowtime in Münster Christmas Market

We visited Münster Christmas Market the following day which was Saturday. 

One of my favourite snack in German Christmas Market or Kirmes is Champignon but this time round, I gave it a miss because, I spotted a very special stall.  It is an old looking stall with lots of chopped wood used as decoration but what attracted me most were the piping hot bread-like pieces coming out from their stone oven.  The bread is apparently called Flammkuchen but as I know it in many parts of Germany, it comes with onion, cream and lots of bacon bits.  This one however came in either choices of Potatoes & Cheese or Brocolli and Bacon. The sourdough bread looked interesting too and so we ordered two pieces to be shared among four of us. We all loved it.

Christmas Market is fame for their Glühwein (Mulled Wine) so naturally we had some.

Dinner was back to Asian because we knew that both the VM family member love Asian food.

That´s my Peking Soup, whatever that means .. it is a sweet and sour concoction!

Sometimes I cringe whenever I notice Springroll written in each and every Asian stall, cafe, restaurant menu over here.  It is so misleading that all asians eat nothing but Springroll for appetiser in Asia.  Taste wise ... not bad.

We ordered their set which came with choices of appetiser, a main course selection and a non-alcoholic drink. This is Chicken ala Shanghai Style.

This is hubby´s Chicken ala Indonesian Style.

And finally, my Fish ala Thai Style. 

All and all, we paid no more than 9.00 Euro per person for the whole set inclusive of tax and also rounded off the figure to include a bit of tip - of which both my guest whom live in Netherland shock head in disbelieve because they have to apparently pay more than double to eat out in Netherland!  Ah yeah ...well, this is Germany, or at least the area where I live in but again Munster is a big city.  For a reasonable price, you get pretty good stuff and in general, if you don´t meet that expectation, than adios, sayonara and pray that you will stay in business for long. The people here in general are demanding liddat,don´t accept crap and this rule don´t apply to just dining out.  Sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing?

But what I really like about this cafe is apart from getting reasonable priced food, the level of service rendered is attentive and efficient. The cafe is modern, bright and clean (no red lantern and fish tank, thank you!), CLEAN toilet (I cannot stress that enough) and nice ambience music instead of typical chinese new year kind of music.  If you are in Münster, check out Asian Bar for that great offering.  And oh btw, it is managed by Vietnamese so their Phö is the authentic kind.

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