Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Authentic Chinese Food in Panda Restaurant, Stadtlohn

Alas, after 2 years 4 months of eating Vietnamese style chinese food in where I live, we finally discovered an authentic chinese restaurant located just 10km away.  The occassion was our Part 2 Mandarin course wrap up session and we took the opportunity to go eat and at the same time practise our Mandarin! Our teacher was surely proud that night because all of us passed with flying colour :-)

And again, Springroll made her appearance! Haha!

But it was soon forgiven or forgotten when our shared platter of food arrive.  This is my first time dining communal style in a chinese restaurant in Germany :-P

The wok hei was evident the moment the waitress layed the food on the table.  Their Kung-Po Chicken were superb.  So were their Black Pepper Pork Fillet.  If you wanna know if the cook hiding behind the kitchen is indeed a chinese, you can judge by the way how the vegetables are cooked. They are flavourful, cooked and yet crunchy to the bite.  I was having a hard time concentrating when our mandarin teacher whom were seated next to me started biting on her vegetables.

Ahhh ... it surely had been a while since I last heard those crunching sound!

We ordered two varieties of the platter to share.  We made it interesting by switching the platter half way.  Share, share ... a concept which my german hubby finds amusing.  Their Roast Chicken and Roast Duck were simply different from the ones I usually eat in the so-call Chinese Restaurant near our place.  These were fragrant from inside out and I do detect five spice powder too! How is that for credit?  Now that we discovered this place ... we (me and my mandarin teacher) made a pact to return for their 12.00 Euro per person buffet.  We both totally agree that it is worth the 10km drive so I am really looking forward to it!  As for our dinner here, we each paid not more than 15.00 Euro per person inclusive of drinks, tax etc.

Another gem found in Germany.  Superb.   :-)

p/s : I think I am going to lay off Asian Food for a while after eating them 4 straight days in a row. Though tasty, I am one of those that needs variety to survive so tonight, I am making something German where else, tomorrow will be either French or Italian Night!

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