Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pork Lasagne Dinner

We had a cozy dinner on our sofa last night. It is bad habit I know to eat infront of the television but after returning home from our Christmas tree shopping last weekend and gotten it all up and ready for decoration two nights ago, the livingroom just seems more cozier and festive.  I will usually be online in the evening after dinner to attend to my FBville acitivities but last night was an exception.  I hungaround in the livingroom, caught some programs on TV which btw is rare because I favour lifestyle program more and a lot of programs on German TV are geared towards information base .. but yeah, like I said, I was in the mood and I think the station people too are moving the programs towards year end mood while enjoying these :-)

A few days ago, I finally picked up a bad shopping habit while at the supermarket. It is common of course to find premade meals in any supermarkets here and I am one of those snobs whom prefers eating a sandwich versus buying those premade meals. But the packaging promised authentic taste and it surely does look good. Plus, I am sure it will take me hours to prepare a lasagne from scratch and even more so unjustifiable if it is just for the two of us.  And I must say, I have been pretty impressed with the quality.

I guess I will stock up a bit more for quick days like these. 

Winter´s here and according to forecast, it will snow tomorrow :-p

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