Sunday, 21 November 2010

Our Bulbs are all IN ...

and of course ... it is not a recent event since it had been raining quite a bit lately, and no, I am not the kind whom enjoys working under the rain. Storm had occassionally showed up too although temperature is already dropping drastically and moving towards winter season.  But yeah, this happened two weekends ago. Mr. Sunny decided to show face that morning.  I started the day by counting how many bulbs we had in hand before digging a systematic hole into the ground for the bulb planting.

Sounds simple but not quite actually because you have to make sure the holes are at least 2 times the height (depth) if the bulbs height and it had to be wide enough for the whole bulb body to sit comfortably inside.  When you have a variety of short, medium and tall flower type at hand, you also have to consider arranging it such a way that the tall ones does not block the short ones. There is also the consideration that some will bloom earlier than the other and that, you do not want some part of your ground looking bare while some appearing too cramped either.

So ...

We shall wait and see how it turns up in Spring. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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