Sunday, 14 November 2010

Italian Dinner During My Stammtisch Annual Meeting

Once a year, the girls from my Stammtisch group will gather to discuss our programs for the following year as well as elect a fresh leader for the group. Unlike last year where we did a sushi hands on session followed by enjoying them later on, we decided to do potluck with a theme.  Four of us were assigned to bring 4 different kind of appetisers, 3 came with main courses, 2 brought dessert and 1 came with Italian theme inspired alcohol.

We began the night with homemade Cherry Coffee Liquor before popping a few bottles of Proseccos - both alcoholic and non alcoholic kind which the host served with Munsterland Baby Strawberry Aperitif ala Kir Royale.

The Lemoncello were unfortunately left unopened because we were too stuffed from the food and also the variety of red wine being served.

Our re-elected `First Lady` came with a plate of Bruschetta (far left) while her sister in law whom also happen to be in this group made Antipasti from scratch since morning!  It tasted really great so I´m gonna start requesting for the recipe from her soon.  The Polpette (aka Italian Meatballs) serve on (ahem) tiles were from me. I am glad they liked it.

One of the girls came with a huge platter of Caprese which she generously splatter with lovely Balsamic Vinegar dressing.

A, whom hosted us in her lovely flat together with her sister S prepared us a mean Gorgonzola Pasta for main course.  They were fabulous and wonderfully stinky, but pity that we can stomach that much food, testiment from all the huge portion.  I,another girl from the group baked us a wonderful tray of Lasagne which I skipped coz it came with beef, and I don´t take beef hence the absence of the photo. Again, the portions were huge but looked nevertheless delish and rich.

Our dessert for the night were of course the fame Italian dessert Tiramisu which S soaked generously with coffee liquor.  The other you see here is from T, whom layered the glass with generous portion of Mascaporne with Fresh Rasberries and nutty crunch which I can´t recall what its called.  They were both decandent and rich.

We ended the night with more drinks to celebrate our First Lady´s birthday at 12 midnight.

Also, each of us were presented with our presumable first Christmas gift of the year, Coffee Nut Liquor which our first lady decided to reward each and everyone of us during our Sasse Liquor Factory Visit two weekends ago.  All of us loved it during our liquor testing session so I can´t wait to open that bottle to share with hub,family and friends!

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