Monday, 15 November 2010

Gaststätte Ristaurante Pizzeria Mama Livia Dinner

We had dinner in an authentic Italian Restaurant the night I got back from trip back in Holland.  Now, you may notice how I emphasized on the word authentic here because, seriously... this is the first Italian restaurant in Germany I´ve stepped into that are managed by Italians (at least for this region I live in, and how I´ve always wondered a land 14,000km away in Kuala Lumpur or any Asian countries) could have more???

Anyway, here´s what we had.

Hub´s Pizza Bella Italia which came with Blattsalat, Mozzarella and fresh tomato topping at 7.20 Euro.  Check out the heavy topping!

I had Tortellini "alla Panna" with Schinken(Ham), Pilze (Mushrooms), Bolognese Sauce and Sahne at 5.70 Euro per plate. Again, check out my portion!

The portion is not so Italian after all isn´t it?  ...


  1. The pizza looks like ngam ngam for one person!

    Btw, Lianne, my sis bought me something from Germany but I don't know wat it is. It looked like sambal in a small jar and there is no English word on the label. Care to translate for me if i show u the picture?

  2. Wahhh so nice ah Jason, receive early Christmas present eh:-) Sure, no problemmm can load up in FB and tag me, I will look it up! Cheers!


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