Friday, 19 November 2010

Dutch Pea Soup Dinner

One of the things I´ve always wanted to do whenever I visit Holland is to come home with a Dutch Cook Book. Unfortunately, Netherland being Netherland or any European Country for that matter, English books does not come easily because it is not their mother tongue.  My recent trip however had been a bit more fruitful. I´ve discovered two, and not one, English bookstore smacked right in the middle of Amsterdam city but hold your breathe, I came back empty handed on cookbook front again.  Perhaps staying with VM family played me up pychologically - and I figured, the madam of the house would not mind me nicking a book or two of hers under the pretext of recipe and book tasting and hence this dinner. My reason to her is, we will meet soon and why not let me to embrace a little Dutch culture inbetween time.  I can be manipulative like that.  Hehe.

This soup is old school - cooked the way how it should be under slow fire for hours. But the reward is beautiful soup with rich taste of pieces of pork chop stewed till its meat falls off its bone, and the sweet after taste - an umami taste which I find so lacking in cooking nowadays.  This soup is not perfect still, as I have been told.  The essential smoked Dutch sausage is missing. Which means that, it will give me a good enough reason to cook them again.

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