Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dutch Stamppot Dinner & A Special Cheesecake

My hubby introduced me to Stamppot many years ago, but it was not until recently that I started experimenting with it.  Stamppot, another Dutch dish is essentially a potato base mash dish mixed with variety of ingredient. The two cookbook I´m glancing thru right now has quite a few Stamppot recipes in it - some calling for carrots, some for Kale and some calling even for Sauerkraut but I decided to play it safe with good old sausage, onions and in-season Brussel Sprouts for tonight´s dinner.  The potatoes were cooked in a large pot along the brussel sprouts for 20 minutes and it turned out fine without any bitterness coming out from the brussel sprouts nor did any bitterness rubbed over to the potatoes. I then sautee the boiled brussel sprouts one more time in a pan along with the sausage slices and onion before mixing them into the already mashed up potatoes.  Season the mixture with some salt and pepper, add a little milk in if you find it a bit dry and voila ... dinner´s ready :-)

We ended our dinner with a very special cheesecake baked by a dear friend whom visited us yesterday with her family.  She claimed that she´s new and only started experimenting with this recipe but I can say that it is as good as any cafe cakes if not better, and that coming from experimentation speaks a lot about how a good cook she is. 

Thankfully, she is also a generous cook.  The tray of goodies she leaved behind for us hopefully will last for at least another day :-)

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