Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thai Basil Chicken for Dinner

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I have been wanting to cook up Thai Basil Chicken for days as my pot of Thai Basil is starting to wilt due to the weather change. It happened finally yesterday evening after coming back from visiting KY, a friend I get to know recently thru our Mandarin course. Hubby´s mandarin had improved tremendously!  He was able to reside 1 to 10 a few days ago and with this basic and my explanation last night, he is able to go all the way to thousands now! Not bad huh .. my hubby, he´s great with language learning, just like that. 

But like he said, in what situation will he get to use such huge figure in Mandarin?  Haha .. well, it surely does come in handy in future eh, who knows.

So, a little story and nothing much to report - except today is another grey day and we´ve some things to clear in our guestroom because we´re expecting guest this weekend, and perhaps another two more couple end of the month! We are so excited about it :-)

Have a good day everyone.

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