Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Soupy Lunch and Multi-coloured Affair Dinner

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I caught the latest trend - the cold, right after we got back from our Mandarin course last night. Thankfully, it was not a full blown one.  I lazed in bed the whole day today after finishing my chore downstairs in the morning.  The Aspirin Complex we´re been using work wonders.  I am feeling a lot better already with just three portion taken today and am only feeling slight burning sensation on my nostril and eyes.  The rest such as body ache, sniffy nose, fever is all gone. 

The picture above was what I had for lunch today. My appetite as you can see from what I ate here looks bland. But it is healthy as can be.   It is how my mum use to train me since young.  She´s always advising me, if you´re unsure if your body has too much heat or too damp, take something neutral.  Grilled food is heaty while certain vegetable belongs to cold element.  Something to do with balancing your body´s chi and harmonising your body flow.

For dinner, I made hubby some Nurnberger Sausage with his favourite Joppi Sauce, aus Holland :-)  It could have been my dinner but as you can see, its grilled so its heaty!
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I poached two pieces of White Fish Fillet with lunch time´s leftover soup stock instead. The dark sauce is Balsamic Vinegar.  I guess they are all neutral stuff here.  Do tell me if I am wrong!

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That´t it for today.  Oh btw, I was dissapointed with the result from the 2 days trial of 21 Day Wonder Diet because instead of at least maintaining the weight, I gained. So, suck it.  Too bad.

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