Friday, 1 October 2010

Seafood Linguine Dinner

Bild 1587

Hubby´s at workplace attending some team-building program tonight so I get the liberty to cook whatever I want for dinner!  I loaded the tomato base sauce with tonnes of shrimps, squid and baby mussels before drizzling white wine and parsley over.  This is what I call satisfaction to the MAX dinner!

On another note, I got myself a pot of white orchird two weeks ago.   Nice?

Bild 1583

Out of the blue, my MIL gave me another small pot few days ago?!

Bild 1581

What a coincidence!


  1. The linguine looks gorgeous!

  2. Is it due to the size of the prawn and squid? :-P

  3. Yes, and also the color of the dish! Looks yummy!


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