Friday, 29 October 2010

Nyonya Curry Chicken and Seafood Tofu Dinner

Cooking at home for two and cooking for a visiting family is very different.  It is more so when the family you´re cooking for is someone you´ve not met for last 6 years!  I was on my toe all day till their arrival around early dinner hour.  Dinner preparation started around lunch particularly the curry since I made them all the way from scratch without spice paste usage whatsover.  With some fresh chillies, dried chillies and some potent belacan at hand, I think I suceeded in choking hubby close to half death during the spice sauteeing period.  The Nyonya Chicken Curry turned out well, thankfully although I am not sure if the level of spiciness or the stink from the belacan impressed my guest at all.  As a back-up and also, for the kids (all 3 of them), a large batch of seasonal vegetables were prepared.  We had them with white rice and a few bottles of nice red wine.


  1. Wow!!!!You 'made them all the way from scratch without spice paste usage whatsoever'?Once again I am not sure how you keep surpassing yourself in creativity!:)


  2. Lol, i am drooling looking @ this pics... I am sure it tasted yummy

  3. Your curry chicken looks delicious and it made me laugh (hubby choking). I enjoy reading your posts and about your adventures & new life in a new country. Been following your blog for over a year or two now. Keep them coming. Hope your asthma is cured.. Cheers..


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