Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Garden Plan!

It took me an hour or so drawing this up with powerpoint program and tadaaa!!! Haha, I cannot believe I actually spent time doing this!!!  


Here, you will find the herb section (dark green) right at the top left corner next to the black box.  Right below the black box is the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) garden bed I was telling you about (olive green colour).  We´ve decided to maintain our gooseberry tree, peach tree and two others (one of them is cherry tree) and still have enough space to fit in 3 garden bed boxes.  Hub will be bringing some boxes (old palettes) back later today and we will see how it fits in, otherwise we will have to built from scratch.  The bush area are in brown and is the first area we worked on and just yesterday, we´ve cleared off all the plants from the vegetable section above.  We moved the respective flower plant (4 Poppies, 3 Daylillies and misc) to the middle section (where seasonal flowers are) and could not be more please with the result. Our vegetable section is almost ready with bits and pieces of plants to remove still and once thats done, all we need to do next is reallign the trees following the plan here, move the muscari over and finally, can start putting the garden bed over. Since the SFG does not cover the entire area, we had to find a solution for the current soil base ground. We though of grass, but how the heck are we going to cut the grass when it grows taller? We might accidently cut the SFG garden bed if we´re not careful so ... We also toyed with the idea of applying wooden planks here but quite a bit of work;  to get them measured, then cut then lay them down and the soil has to be flat.  Finally, we decided on gravel and hence the speckled black surface indication on the box.  Solve.

Anyway, to have an idea of how the current garden look like, do click


Okay, gotta head to the garden now to move the muscaris located at vegetable section to the blue bush area indicated :-) Have a nice day everyone!!!

Latest update, MIL is handing the whole garden to us (me) for care in the future (gulp) and all she is able to manage from now on is the front porch, the two family tombstone area and the potted plants at the terrase area.  I hope we can manage, otherwise, I will start suggesting to hub to turn the rest into lawn the following year :-) And all we (he) need to do is mow the grass, haha!

p/s : Just realised that I kept on using the german name for certain plants in my Garden plan. Hortensia is actually Hydrangea and Muscari is actually Grape Hyacinth. I´ve just dugged up a few cm of Hyacinth, divided the baby bulbs and replanted them in a 6-7 metre long soil. Tiring, but the outcome had been so fulfilling.  I will take some photos tomorrow. 

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