Sunday, 10 October 2010

Kleine Münsterländer Schlachteplatte Dinner from Schlosshotel Restaurant

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We dined out again this week.  But this time round, we weren´t alone and was with the company of this lovely couple all the way from Nurnberg.  Our dinner last night was in the best restaurant in our little town here call Schlosshotel Restaurant (the castle hotel), which coincidently also happen to be the venue where our wedding dinner was held.  This restaurant serve very good Regional and Modern German cuisine but for last night, I decided to go regional. 

Believe it or not, this is the first time that I came across Haxe (pork knuckles) from the menu card in this area.  Great too that they weren´t that huge and I get to try out other local meat preparation on my plate. I loveeee their version of pork knuckles.  Although it does not come with crispy skin, the meat were well marinated and peppery sauce was tasty. I find the sausage a tad too salty but the meat loaf was again, delicious with perfect, delicate taste pork texture.  I have no idea what red wine they serve as housewine but my order of halb-trocken (half dry) went well with my plate. Overall, I find my 10.50 Euro plate a pretty good deal. 

We chatted way till pretty late before adjourning back home for more drinks. It was a lovely evening.
We still have unused voucher for this restaurant so I think we will return, really soon.

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