Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Inspiration & Garden Ideas for Spring 2011

As much as I love Autumn  for its golden tree leave hues, Spring excites me like how a child is to candies.  They are colourful but most importantly, the glorious sun will no longer hide so long while the temperature is perfectly chill, not freezing cold.  I love gardening, but sad to say that I am only confident with bulb growing so far.  They are so easy to plant and needs very little care.  Only setback is, they usually last a month or two, and mostly can´t even last till summer. Our summer garden this year FAILED big time and this was the reason why I had not posted up any photos here.  I am not sure what went wrong, our soil is finally drained out from its proper nutrients, not enough water, the weather this year was too erratic, the seed quality weren´t that good (got them from Aldi!) or simply, the japanese summer flower seeds are just not suitable for the weather here.  Nothing to be proud off anyway so I striked them off here.  Anyway now is the right season to start planning again and by end of the month, seeding should begin. 

Here´s something I was fairly attracted too for the summer season.  Found the picture from MIL´s garden book  Can you believe it that they are mostly herb base plants?  I was attracted to this page because there are a few Onion variety blooms in them (Chives, Allium etc) and I´ve got pretty good experience growing them.  The other plants found in this graph are Clemantis, Purple Sage, Parsley, Waldmeister and Bayleaf of which most had shown tremendous potential in our garden in the past.  The challenge I have right now is space issue.  What we have is an odd triangle area with a Growing Cherry Tree in the middle.  I guess a bit of imagination is needed here.
Bild 1657

Moving on, wanna take a peek at our spring bulb inventory?  Here goes!

They are mainly sourced from Holland ...

Bild 1658

These are from France ... not sure how am I gonna go about it yet. Have to speak to my cousin in France to explain to me the instruction behind I guess ...

Bild 1659

These too ... I saw these onions being sold in France and they surely look good, though a tad pricey.  That aside, there´s no way I´m gonna cart back the real deal so why not seed them instead? Hopefully, they grow well.

Bild 1660

These are Muscari and I love them.  A lot of flower shops here actually grow them in little decorative pots with decorative items here and there, and one just need to pick the pot up and wait for the flower part to pop out. Fun eh :-)

Bild 1661

Ahhh Tulips ... the essential tulips.  I´ve about 24 from last year and I´ve picked up another packet of these Peonies lookalike.  There´s about 12 bulbs within.
Bild 1662

These are called China Town and its for the chinese in me.  I picked up 3 packets and hope to transform our lot to pink! Haha! Hubby will think its too sweet :-)

Bild 1663

And the last batch are the recycled Tulips and Allium bulbs from last year.  Hope they are good for this year.

Bild 1664

And ... here´s the odd bulbs for a small little pot to surprise us, I guess :-)

Bild 1666

That´s it.  Quite a lot actually ... so, I really gotta figure out a plan on how to squeeze everything in.

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