Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Garden Remodelling Kicked Off Today ...

It was only a few days ago when MIL asked hub what our garden plans are for next year.  She was concern as this year was a total disaster for her, (for us too actually) as most of the vegetables we planted either did not grow as expected, or got nicked off earlier than we get to harvest.  Our summer blooms did not grow too, and so did mum´s. Our garden lot though not that huge as compared to many houses here (about 200 square metre), it is not easy to care because every inch of the garden are used up for gardening. Buying plants or seeding ain´t cheap and that excludes the front porch, the terrase area, the two family grave we have to maintain and all the window boxes around the house (of which upstairs itself requires about 70 flower plants every half year) and more ..  

We firmed up our plan yesterday evening to make major change to our garden.

Firstly, we´re gonna cover the biggest chunk of garden square (about 50 square metre) into a Lawn! We are all very thrilled with the idea because finally, we can lay down on our deck chair to enjoy the sun, or have a BBQ, or have a picnic etc when the weather is good.  We will probably engage a professional to do this because we don´t want any surprises popping out from the lawn due plant history - and that is very likely to happen if we chose the wrong kinda grass or give the ground the wrong treatment.


Our bushes, flowers and herbs are scattered all over currently. Hub decided to group all of them together and assign them all in a dedicated corner for easy care.  Herbs. bushes, flowers and what not ... they will all get a space on their own.  Our current lot will be the flower lot where else the fence area will be turned into vegetable area.  Herbs will be at the other end towards our garden gate, and all the bushes (including Hortensia´s) will be relocated to our plum tree area.  Today, we´ve started digging out all the dead bushes to be thrown away, and relocated those in other area to its new home.  Mama´s hortensia´s are all arranged neatly underneath the plum tree now.  Nice :-)

Square Foot Gardening
This idea is not new in US but I´ve only came across it recently.  It is suppose to be a very effective gardening method requiring minimum space and lesser material etc and at the same time, yielding more than traditional method.  We´re probably gonna built a few (3x3, or 4x4) of these and place them on our left hand side corner.  This method suits us well because our soil´s not that good anymore and its the most feasible way to get going without having to dig all our old soil out and put in new.  We only need to fill up the boxes with the recommended soil recipe, and thats it.  We gather that it will also solve our problems of keeping all the birds away by slipping a cover over the box when necessary.  The plants will be easier for my MIL to reach too as the box will be higher.


Once we complete the basic structure mention above, then I guess we will get down to the fun part of planting the spring bulb in place. And then the summer blooms etc, etc ...


Wow, wow, wow ... are you not excited for us?!

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