Saturday, 16 October 2010

Garden Bed & Champignonrahmschnitzel Dinner in Zur Stadthalle

We continued working in the garden today after our cake and coffee session.  The weather was still gloomy but not as bad as yesterday where it rizzled.  But having said that, the ground/soil were still wet and walkways were muddy and an eyesore to look at.  It was cold at around 7C too, so we figured its best to do as much as possible before the weather dips further.  We worked on our SFG garden bed today.  Hubby brought another 4 boxes home and they are for the base.  If it was me laying the boxes down, I would have just chucked them onto the designated area.

But being hub ... this was what he did.

Bild 1775

Accuracy ... thats him. Must set up the basic first.  Haha.  Are all Germans like that?

Bild 1777

He then stapled in the wire netting at the base so that water can sip thru incase it rains heavily.  It also deters small animals from entering via bottom e.g. mouse etc.

Bild 1780

After installing the netting, we shovelled the soil around the box area to 2cm deep of which we poured into the garden beds.  Reason being is, we´re gonna fill up the surrounding area with wooden chips so that is is easier to maintain. And tadaaaa!  Here it is!  Not fully done yet but looking great already, no?

Bild 1782

This is the side view from the terrace.

Bild 1783

We were very, very please with the result but I must say, its hard work.  So much so that by the time we finished, we were beat to even cook dinner so ... we decided to have dinner outside :-)

Remember this little voucher book I raved about earlier?  Although the deal is Buy 1 Free 1 for main courses from Monday to Friday, the voucher also calls for 10 Euro discount during weekend.  We initially thought of Mc Donalds for dinner but heck, our main course plus a drink each came up to only 22 Euro.  Just a bit more than Mc Donalds, and a restaurant dining that is.

Bild 1792

So here´s how we spent our Saturday.  How was yours?


  1. Hi,

    Where's the dinner place with Eur10 discount? Would love to tell my fiancé!


  2. Its actually a booklet voucher we´re using and the restaurant (StadtHalle) is just one of the listed restaurant. Which part of Germany are you in? I can check for you if it is available :-)


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