Friday, 15 October 2010

French Onion Soup & Red Wine Poached Pear Dinner

Sometimes I enjoy certain appetiser so much, I will serve them in bigger portion as a main course. A very good example is tonight´s dinner of French Onion Soup.  I didn´t know that French Onion Soup is that easy to make and taste so much better than what you get serve outside. The onion cutting is tedious alright, but after getting thru the teary (cutting onion) stage, everything else is a breeze. Sautee the onion long enough till it browns, deglaze them with some Marsala liquor, add stock in and let it simmer.  Pop the baguette into oven with some butter spread on.  Let it bake till crispy.  Arrange the baguette on top of soup before sprinkling gruyere on top, then bake in over for few minutes till cheese melts.  Done.

Bild 1710

While we enjoyed our `main course`- which was really good :-), I popped 4 halves of pear into a pot to be simmered in red wine, sugar and vanilla pot.  Its not my first time making this dessert but I must say, the red wine I used this time round complimented the pear better. It was just another cheap bottle, so I guess, I got lucky :-)

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Today, I was downstairs doing gardening again.  And here are some pictures to show you how the place look like.  This is the area where the Square Foot Gardening bed sits on.  The photo was taken yesterday so it was still in a mess.  We´ve done quite a bit, mind you ... this area was FILLED UP to the brim and spilling out to the sidewalk.  Imagine us having to clear every single bits and pieces of what not from here.  Lots of work.

Bild 1700

As you can see below, this is from the other angle from the garden´s gate looking towards the gardening bed area.  We threw quite a bit of plants out except for Mama´s 3 beautiful Day Lily plant (seen here behind the pot) and another 4 flower plant which I have no idea what it is but looks healthy and good so ... don´t wanna waste it.

Bild 1701

This is the Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) row that almost broke my back today.  It was growing wildly against the stone divider area from one end right to the other end.  They looked really good and at first thought, it was not that much and manageble but how wrong was I! The moment I started digging, all the babies underneath starting popping out one after another! There wasn´t just hundreds .. but perhaps thousand of them screaming use me, use me.  Being a kind soul that I am (ahem), how could I just kill it, you get what I mean? Haha.  Anyway, I shovelled them carefully onto a plastic sheet by first loosening the soil around it carefully before picking each and every strand of the bulb out to be rearranged again in bundle.  It is after removing all the unwanted weed attached, or what not then only was it replanted again on the flower area.  But not only that, I have to first dig a hole (I think there is easily 180 of them), got them fertilised (veryy important) before plopping them in and then covering them with earth.  Then give them more TLC ... water - although it rizzled and I was working on the rain whole afternoon.  My mum would probably nag me if she finds out I was working under the rain.  So yeah .. I survived. 

Bild 1702

Here´s looking down towards the garden bed from our balcony.  Hub was cleaning up the final bits and pieces this afternoon.

Bild 1705

Tomorrow´s another day.  Our two area (SFG and Flower) are both ready so we´re utterly thrilled by the progress so far.  We´re now waiting for the garden bed to arrive, hub had ordered them yesterday and I guess it will take a while.  And as far as the flower area is concern, I can start planting the spring bulb in anytime!!! Woohooo!!!

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