Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day Two of 21 Day Wonder Diet

It is only day two but already major fail, Fail, FAIL! Arg! 

I was just telling myself yesterday that I would like to follow the recipe as close as possible. It turned out that all the items I was looking for was not in our pantry, and today being Sunday, nothing is open.  Breakfast was suppose to be Spinach on Rye Bread with Cottage Cheese but this was what I had instead.

Bild 1593

Lunch was suppose to be Nicoise Salad, but damn ... I simply could not locate my can of tuna in the pantry until late just now! So as substitute, I had salmon cream soup.  Its about 250 calories so I think, or hope its okay. Oh btw, that´s our new Villeroy & Boch Urban Nature´s Pasta Plate. Love it.

Bild 1594

Dinner was suppose to be Chilli Con Carne and again, I can´t find our can of Red Kidney Bean! So I opted for Chinese Stir Fry of Chinese Cabbage and Mussels instead.

Bild 1642

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