Saturday, 2 October 2010

Day One of 21 Day Wonder Diet

This is my second time embarking on 21 Wonder Diet Program. It worked the last time but sadly, I only manage to pursue them up to a week due to heavy work load then.  We were working on our bedroom and all the wall paper scrubbing etc was taking its toll on me.  The starvation was just too much and I gave up in the end.  This time round, I hope I am able to finish them all the way.  As I remembered them, it was a fairly simple plan.  The book consist of assorted recipes for your day to day consumption.  It consist of recommended breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.  Unlike previous attempt where I switched the recommendation back and forth, choosing from other days to match whatever I have in my pantry, I am pretty confident to say that our pantry is pretty well stocked now so I really wanna follow the book as close as possible. Who knows, they may be certain day quota on nutritional content planned out in the book.  So, wish me luck!  Btw, hub wants to join in so thats great news coz that means I don´t have to cook two separate meal for dinner!

So here goes .. my first day and here´s what I had.  Breakfast was fresh fruits with yoghurt and honey.

Bild 1589

Lunch was suppose to be Chicken Tortilla but I got them substituted with pancake wrap instead. Within are ham, carrots and green capcicum slices with yoghurt dressing. This was good!

Bild 1590

Dinner was slightly heavier with Turkey Stew. Seasoning was ala arabic style with Harrisa spices used. Not much carb here except a piece of Sourdough bread.

Bild 1591

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