Monday, 18 October 2010

Sweet & Sour Pork + Choy Sum Dinner

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Here´s our dinner tonight.  Although its not my first time making Sweet & Sour Pork for dinner, hub seems to not have any recollection of it at all when our Mandarin Teacher mention this popular dish in one of our mandarin subject.  This dish can be serve in minutes if preparations are made before hand.  But having said that, hub commented that I was super quick in dinner prep today.  I didn´t realize that it took me merely 20 minutes to cook the pot of rice (no rice cooker), the Choy Sum and the Sweet & Sour Pork in addition to setting the table and tidying up the kitchen and leaving it as how it was before.  If there´s anything I am proud of heriting from my mum, it is multi-tasking and being able to work at a quick pace, when needed :-)

Moving on, shall I show you some photo of our garden progress again?  Hub filled up the ground on SFG area with pine wood pieces.  Not sure what its called, but we loved the material.  I did mention earlier that we are going to use Gravel but MIL´s not a great fan, and besides, Gravel cost double the price. Even with these Pine Wood material, its not cheap at 9.90 Euro for 7kg.  We need about 25 kg.

Bild 1774

I love the slight bouncy texture. Hopefully, we won´t have much problem with maintenance.

Btw, the green patch you see on the left are Grape Hyacinth which I had painstakingly removed and planted, pieces by pieces into the ground last week and what you see is just one corner of it.  I surely hope they survive coz just a while ago, I noticed a pink discolouration on some of its leaves! Must go do up more reading to find out what disease had they contracted ... bummer.

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I have a bigggg jigsaw puzzle to fix. I told you earlier that I found lots and lots of bulbs underneath the ground during cleaning up yeah, and now I have to sort of figure out what flowers these are so that I could arrange them in our flower area in a proper, systematic way.  I´m also hunting for my Allium bulbs! I can´t seem to find them anywhere so I´m trying to figure out if I have indeed remove its bulb out when I pulled the flower out.  Another bummer.  I guess I have to dig the ground to really find out then. Otherwise, we may have a problem of growing a tall Allium at the edge (if we mistaken them as short flower plant) and growing the short one in the middle and that would be prettiest sight isn´t it when you can see them properly.

So I need a favour here. If any of you can recognise any of these bulbs, do leave me a comment. It would be very much appreciated, thank you.

Bild 1773

Bild 1772

Bild 1771

I think the below are tulips.  Let me know if I am wrong!

Bild 1770

Oh, hub bought me these last night when we were out shopping of our pine wood material.  Its amazing that they do this kind of packaging now, makes it more interesting isn´t it to packed them by colour.  I´m kinda excited with this bulb package (besides my others of course), but these here are like my ultimate favourite now so I wanna place them in an outstanding area whereby anyone whom walks into the garden will notice them first.  So, time to get cracking and have a little fun planning the positioning and all :-)

Bild 1769

So yeah, a bit of update and talking too much again ... haha :-)

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  1. Nice sweet&sour pork and choy sam platter! I shall try this layout too next time. Thanks!


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