Friday, 29 October 2010

Nyonya Curry Chicken and Seafood Tofu Dinner

Cooking at home for two and cooking for a visiting family is very different.  It is more so when the family you´re cooking for is someone you´ve not met for last 6 years!  I was on my toe all day till their arrival around early dinner hour.  Dinner preparation started around lunch particularly the curry since I made them all the way from scratch without spice paste usage whatsover.  With some fresh chillies, dried chillies and some potent belacan at hand, I think I suceeded in choking hubby close to half death during the spice sauteeing period.  The Nyonya Chicken Curry turned out well, thankfully although I am not sure if the level of spiciness or the stink from the belacan impressed my guest at all.  As a back-up and also, for the kids (all 3 of them), a large batch of seasonal vegetables were prepared.  We had them with white rice and a few bottles of nice red wine.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Linguine Meatball Dinner ...

I was in the midst of preparing Pork Meatball with tomato sauce to be serve this evening for our Brit-Chilean family visitor when I decided to change course.  We had them for our dinner last night instead.  But fret not, coz I had an alternative planned out!  Hubby was happy of course, infact anything with meatballs is his favourite!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Last Nights Potato Soup Dinner & Germany´s Healthcare System

This is such an easy soup to prepare, it makes me question why would someone pick up a can variety to feed their family.  It is common thing to do here and I see them every time I go grocery shopping.  Like everything else, shortcut comes with consequences ...

Off to another topic, I have been reading a lot about Germany´s Universal Healthcare Coverage lately and I have been pretty impressed!  You might say, why now only you know?  But yeah, I am slow like that but wait, I have a good reason.  I was unhappy with it and it is only recently that I am beginning to see the beauty of it. 

You see, I had problems with constant coughing when I first arrive here around winter period. I visited the family doctor a few times but was utterly dissapointed that each time, she (GP) prescribed me nothing but a bottle of cough syrup of which I had to later pick up from the Apotheke (drugstore).  Since I was single then, I was still on my international insurance coverage where I had to pay upfront first before making a claim later with my international insurance coverage.  Now, seeing a doctor is not cheap in Germany.  In any given case, it can cost up to 30 Euros each visit and you just get upset that all she could do is prescribe you some cough syrup.  I was coughing sooo badly that at one point, I could taste blood within. So yeah, 3 visits just like (and now thinking back why I even bother!)  until the 4th visit of which by then it got so bad I could hardly talk.  She put me on some inhaling machine to detect my lung activities and it was only then that she found abnormality and issued me some report escalating  me to a Lung Specialist in the hospital.  I called the Specialist up but I had to wait for at least 2 months to see him (he is a very, very popular Specalist).  And I thought to myself, what have I got myself into.  This would not have happend in where I came from!

Now, given such experience, wouldn´t you  question their professionalism and expertise? 

I found another Specialist soon after, a young lady whom specialises in Innerin Medizine or Internal Organ Specialist and she put me on a machine straight away.  She held on to my hand while asking me what my problem was, took time to understand my family medical history etc and at that moment, I swear I was so emotional I wanted to break down and cry but held on.  I was put on the inhaling machine to do a second round test before she came into the testing room to proclaim that she already found what my problem was.  In less than 20 minutes, she did it. It was confirmed that I had contracted Asthma and upon hearing it, tears started forming in my eyes.  Damn the first GP.  How could she be so reckless!  It was that moment that I realise my life will never be the same until I heal back 100%, but more importantly is, I question the professionalism of the first GP whom handled me.  Germany´s Universal Healthcare System, known the world over for being one of the best and then ...

Having said that, the Specialist changed my perception too.  I could not have been more bless to have found someone whom was able to diagnos my problem within 20 minutes and prescribed me the neccessary!

Recently, I´ve been experiencing backaches, finger numbness during sleeping (sounds scary, I know!), hormone issues and the return of my Asthma (surprise, surprise and always when it turns cold I wonder why) ...

I am now married of course, with my healthcare coverage attached to my husband.  He pays a lot towards this Healthcare System, somewhere around 14% but the beauty of it is, I get to enjoy it too along with children in the event we have one in the future.  Now, when I was first told the percentage from his pay, I was shocked beyond belief.  But now that I am experiencing need myself, I surely am glad that whoever that came up with such a wonderful Universal Healthcare System and managed it so well (almost, except that the system is weight down by too high running cost and am facing some issues now) must be applauded for the effort. 

Take for example, I don´t have to worry if I get pregnant, have complication, have cancer, have HIV, have an accident and lost my limbs, get a stroke, get old and not mobile or Hub losses his job and cannot afford to pay for his (which in turn affect mine too) monthly insurance. It is all taken care off till death!  I can go do my eye test when the need arise, go for my regular dentist check up and fix whatever that is needed (except for dentures which one has to pay for), go threat my flat feet condition at the Orthopedics (which I suspect is the cause for my backache) and if its not, perhaps some massage therapy might help (and its included too), and threat my asthma (of which I am trying to get them to sent me to rehabilitation centre for long stay but yeah, she has to decide).  All this with a vast network of expertise that I can choose from until I find the right one and not pay a single cent extra (well, except for 10 Euro every 3 months to appointed GP whom will issue me Überweisungschein for escalation with no questions asked).

There are some things I do not agree on in Germany, but when it comes to Healthcare coverage, I have to give it to them.  I cannot help feeling secure in this new home of mine.

Fried Rice for Lunch

I cooked a large batch of Fried Rice to welcome hubby home for late lunch today.  He gets off between 2-3pm every Friday.

It was a simple stir fry with chunks of pork cubes, green peas, white rice, egg and chinese wine fried in wok for a good 20 minutes.  I wanted to keep some for dinner hence the hefty portion ...

But as it is, cold weather surely increases ones appetite.  They were all gone in less than an hour and I have to now figure out what´s for dinner later ...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pad Thai Noodle & Rose Flavoured Konnyaku Dinner

I had a packet of ready made Pad Thai Noodle pack about to expire so I had them for dinner tonight.  It is my second time trying this prepacked stuff but this time round, I omitted the fish sauce because I ran out of it.  Strangely, I felt that the noodle tasted better tonight.  I am not sure if it is the result from the fish sauce omisson or I added mussels into the cooking process.  Either way, this will surely be the way how I wanna cook it in the future when I grab more of these ready made packets from Asian store.

A few nights ago, a fellow Malaysian I met from blogsphere and residing in Switzerland now featured a batch of her Rose Flavoured Agar Agar in her FB photo folder. Needless to say, I ransacked my pantry to replicate what I saw. Since I don´t have agar agar with me, I had used whatever I can find to be flavoured with rose flavoured essence. This style of flavoured jelly was actually my childhood food. My mum would make a big tray of it during the weekend and I can still remember how my siblings and myself will actually make frequent visit to the kitchen just to go steal a piece while waiting for it to chill in the fridge. Needless to say, my mum was not too please when she finds out but strangely, I can´t recall the moment after that but only the eating part :-) These to me, though simple tasting, makes me happy and contented when I was a child.

Am counting the days to Chinese New Year, again.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sweet & Sour Pork + Choy Sum Dinner

Bild 1784

Here´s our dinner tonight.  Although its not my first time making Sweet & Sour Pork for dinner, hub seems to not have any recollection of it at all when our Mandarin Teacher mention this popular dish in one of our mandarin subject.  This dish can be serve in minutes if preparations are made before hand.  But having said that, hub commented that I was super quick in dinner prep today.  I didn´t realize that it took me merely 20 minutes to cook the pot of rice (no rice cooker), the Choy Sum and the Sweet & Sour Pork in addition to setting the table and tidying up the kitchen and leaving it as how it was before.  If there´s anything I am proud of heriting from my mum, it is multi-tasking and being able to work at a quick pace, when needed :-)

Moving on, shall I show you some photo of our garden progress again?  Hub filled up the ground on SFG area with pine wood pieces.  Not sure what its called, but we loved the material.  I did mention earlier that we are going to use Gravel but MIL´s not a great fan, and besides, Gravel cost double the price. Even with these Pine Wood material, its not cheap at 9.90 Euro for 7kg.  We need about 25 kg.

Bild 1774

I love the slight bouncy texture. Hopefully, we won´t have much problem with maintenance.

Btw, the green patch you see on the left are Grape Hyacinth which I had painstakingly removed and planted, pieces by pieces into the ground last week and what you see is just one corner of it.  I surely hope they survive coz just a while ago, I noticed a pink discolouration on some of its leaves! Must go do up more reading to find out what disease had they contracted ... bummer.

Bild 1781

I have a bigggg jigsaw puzzle to fix. I told you earlier that I found lots and lots of bulbs underneath the ground during cleaning up yeah, and now I have to sort of figure out what flowers these are so that I could arrange them in our flower area in a proper, systematic way.  I´m also hunting for my Allium bulbs! I can´t seem to find them anywhere so I´m trying to figure out if I have indeed remove its bulb out when I pulled the flower out.  Another bummer.  I guess I have to dig the ground to really find out then. Otherwise, we may have a problem of growing a tall Allium at the edge (if we mistaken them as short flower plant) and growing the short one in the middle and that would be prettiest sight isn´t it when you can see them properly.

So I need a favour here. If any of you can recognise any of these bulbs, do leave me a comment. It would be very much appreciated, thank you.

Bild 1773

Bild 1772

Bild 1771

I think the below are tulips.  Let me know if I am wrong!

Bild 1770

Oh, hub bought me these last night when we were out shopping of our pine wood material.  Its amazing that they do this kind of packaging now, makes it more interesting isn´t it to packed them by colour.  I´m kinda excited with this bulb package (besides my others of course), but these here are like my ultimate favourite now so I wanna place them in an outstanding area whereby anyone whom walks into the garden will notice them first.  So, time to get cracking and have a little fun planning the positioning and all :-)

Bild 1769

So yeah, a bit of update and talking too much again ... haha :-)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Garden Bed & Champignonrahmschnitzel Dinner in Zur Stadthalle

We continued working in the garden today after our cake and coffee session.  The weather was still gloomy but not as bad as yesterday where it rizzled.  But having said that, the ground/soil were still wet and walkways were muddy and an eyesore to look at.  It was cold at around 7C too, so we figured its best to do as much as possible before the weather dips further.  We worked on our SFG garden bed today.  Hubby brought another 4 boxes home and they are for the base.  If it was me laying the boxes down, I would have just chucked them onto the designated area.

But being hub ... this was what he did.

Bild 1775

Accuracy ... thats him. Must set up the basic first.  Haha.  Are all Germans like that?

Bild 1777

He then stapled in the wire netting at the base so that water can sip thru incase it rains heavily.  It also deters small animals from entering via bottom e.g. mouse etc.

Bild 1780

After installing the netting, we shovelled the soil around the box area to 2cm deep of which we poured into the garden beds.  Reason being is, we´re gonna fill up the surrounding area with wooden chips so that is is easier to maintain. And tadaaaa!  Here it is!  Not fully done yet but looking great already, no?

Bild 1782

This is the side view from the terrace.

Bild 1783

We were very, very please with the result but I must say, its hard work.  So much so that by the time we finished, we were beat to even cook dinner so ... we decided to have dinner outside :-)

Remember this little voucher book I raved about earlier?  Although the deal is Buy 1 Free 1 for main courses from Monday to Friday, the voucher also calls for 10 Euro discount during weekend.  We initially thought of Mc Donalds for dinner but heck, our main course plus a drink each came up to only 22 Euro.  Just a bit more than Mc Donalds, and a restaurant dining that is.

Bild 1792

So here´s how we spent our Saturday.  How was yours?

Friday, 15 October 2010

French Onion Soup & Red Wine Poached Pear Dinner

Sometimes I enjoy certain appetiser so much, I will serve them in bigger portion as a main course. A very good example is tonight´s dinner of French Onion Soup.  I didn´t know that French Onion Soup is that easy to make and taste so much better than what you get serve outside. The onion cutting is tedious alright, but after getting thru the teary (cutting onion) stage, everything else is a breeze. Sautee the onion long enough till it browns, deglaze them with some Marsala liquor, add stock in and let it simmer.  Pop the baguette into oven with some butter spread on.  Let it bake till crispy.  Arrange the baguette on top of soup before sprinkling gruyere on top, then bake in over for few minutes till cheese melts.  Done.

Bild 1710

While we enjoyed our `main course`- which was really good :-), I popped 4 halves of pear into a pot to be simmered in red wine, sugar and vanilla pot.  Its not my first time making this dessert but I must say, the red wine I used this time round complimented the pear better. It was just another cheap bottle, so I guess, I got lucky :-)

Bild 1715

Today, I was downstairs doing gardening again.  And here are some pictures to show you how the place look like.  This is the area where the Square Foot Gardening bed sits on.  The photo was taken yesterday so it was still in a mess.  We´ve done quite a bit, mind you ... this area was FILLED UP to the brim and spilling out to the sidewalk.  Imagine us having to clear every single bits and pieces of what not from here.  Lots of work.

Bild 1700

As you can see below, this is from the other angle from the garden´s gate looking towards the gardening bed area.  We threw quite a bit of plants out except for Mama´s 3 beautiful Day Lily plant (seen here behind the pot) and another 4 flower plant which I have no idea what it is but looks healthy and good so ... don´t wanna waste it.

Bild 1701

This is the Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) row that almost broke my back today.  It was growing wildly against the stone divider area from one end right to the other end.  They looked really good and at first thought, it was not that much and manageble but how wrong was I! The moment I started digging, all the babies underneath starting popping out one after another! There wasn´t just hundreds .. but perhaps thousand of them screaming use me, use me.  Being a kind soul that I am (ahem), how could I just kill it, you get what I mean? Haha.  Anyway, I shovelled them carefully onto a plastic sheet by first loosening the soil around it carefully before picking each and every strand of the bulb out to be rearranged again in bundle.  It is after removing all the unwanted weed attached, or what not then only was it replanted again on the flower area.  But not only that, I have to first dig a hole (I think there is easily 180 of them), got them fertilised (veryy important) before plopping them in and then covering them with earth.  Then give them more TLC ... water - although it rizzled and I was working on the rain whole afternoon.  My mum would probably nag me if she finds out I was working under the rain.  So yeah .. I survived. 

Bild 1702

Here´s looking down towards the garden bed from our balcony.  Hub was cleaning up the final bits and pieces this afternoon.

Bild 1705

Tomorrow´s another day.  Our two area (SFG and Flower) are both ready so we´re utterly thrilled by the progress so far.  We´re now waiting for the garden bed to arrive, hub had ordered them yesterday and I guess it will take a while.  And as far as the flower area is concern, I can start planting the spring bulb in anytime!!! Woohooo!!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Garden Plan!

It took me an hour or so drawing this up with powerpoint program and tadaaa!!! Haha, I cannot believe I actually spent time doing this!!!  


Here, you will find the herb section (dark green) right at the top left corner next to the black box.  Right below the black box is the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) garden bed I was telling you about (olive green colour).  We´ve decided to maintain our gooseberry tree, peach tree and two others (one of them is cherry tree) and still have enough space to fit in 3 garden bed boxes.  Hub will be bringing some boxes (old palettes) back later today and we will see how it fits in, otherwise we will have to built from scratch.  The bush area are in brown and is the first area we worked on and just yesterday, we´ve cleared off all the plants from the vegetable section above.  We moved the respective flower plant (4 Poppies, 3 Daylillies and misc) to the middle section (where seasonal flowers are) and could not be more please with the result. Our vegetable section is almost ready with bits and pieces of plants to remove still and once thats done, all we need to do next is reallign the trees following the plan here, move the muscari over and finally, can start putting the garden bed over. Since the SFG does not cover the entire area, we had to find a solution for the current soil base ground. We though of grass, but how the heck are we going to cut the grass when it grows taller? We might accidently cut the SFG garden bed if we´re not careful so ... We also toyed with the idea of applying wooden planks here but quite a bit of work;  to get them measured, then cut then lay them down and the soil has to be flat.  Finally, we decided on gravel and hence the speckled black surface indication on the box.  Solve.

Anyway, to have an idea of how the current garden look like, do click


Okay, gotta head to the garden now to move the muscaris located at vegetable section to the blue bush area indicated :-) Have a nice day everyone!!!

Latest update, MIL is handing the whole garden to us (me) for care in the future (gulp) and all she is able to manage from now on is the front porch, the two family tombstone area and the potted plants at the terrase area.  I hope we can manage, otherwise, I will start suggesting to hub to turn the rest into lawn the following year :-) And all we (he) need to do is mow the grass, haha!

p/s : Just realised that I kept on using the german name for certain plants in my Garden plan. Hortensia is actually Hydrangea and Muscari is actually Grape Hyacinth. I´ve just dugged up a few cm of Hyacinth, divided the baby bulbs and replanted them in a 6-7 metre long soil. Tiring, but the outcome had been so fulfilling.  I will take some photos tomorrow. 

Garden Update and Japanese Omu Rice Dinner

Bild 1716

We have been working on our garden past two days and the results are showing!  We removed all the dead bushes on the right side of our garden Tuesday evening and here´s how it looks now.  Btw, I will upload our garden plan here soon, just a simple sketch but you will have a good idea how our garden layout is. Back to our bush area, it is a lot neater isn´t it?  Hubby gave it a trim at the ends but as a reminder, I shall never, ever in my life ask hub to trim my hair because the bushes ended up almost bald as you can see here.

Bild 1718

The area under our plum tree use to be a dumping spot for unwanted plants.  It is now home to our hortensias and they are sitting prettily there now. 

Bild 1721

I also cleaned up this area yesterday. A lot of stuff were hidden behind and under this self made bench but now its tidy and `sittable`. 

Bild 1722

Some of the things we´re planning to do is, add border around the edges because whenever it rains, the earth will spill over to the walk way and the sigh ain´t pretty.  So, we´re trying to find material to edge some areas in our garden.  For this area underneath the plum tree, can you see what I did? I decorated the edge with metal pieces :-)

Bild 1736

We had another Japanese Meal night again.  I love Japanese food and hub seems to be liking it too, so :-) Today, I might wanna do something with kombu and tofu.  I shall report if hub likes it or not, a bit concern here coz he´s not a fan of soft food especially the one I´m planning to cook is Japanese Soft Tofu.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Garden Remodelling Kicked Off Today ...

It was only a few days ago when MIL asked hub what our garden plans are for next year.  She was concern as this year was a total disaster for her, (for us too actually) as most of the vegetables we planted either did not grow as expected, or got nicked off earlier than we get to harvest.  Our summer blooms did not grow too, and so did mum´s. Our garden lot though not that huge as compared to many houses here (about 200 square metre), it is not easy to care because every inch of the garden are used up for gardening. Buying plants or seeding ain´t cheap and that excludes the front porch, the terrase area, the two family grave we have to maintain and all the window boxes around the house (of which upstairs itself requires about 70 flower plants every half year) and more ..  

We firmed up our plan yesterday evening to make major change to our garden.

Firstly, we´re gonna cover the biggest chunk of garden square (about 50 square metre) into a Lawn! We are all very thrilled with the idea because finally, we can lay down on our deck chair to enjoy the sun, or have a BBQ, or have a picnic etc when the weather is good.  We will probably engage a professional to do this because we don´t want any surprises popping out from the lawn due plant history - and that is very likely to happen if we chose the wrong kinda grass or give the ground the wrong treatment.


Our bushes, flowers and herbs are scattered all over currently. Hub decided to group all of them together and assign them all in a dedicated corner for easy care.  Herbs. bushes, flowers and what not ... they will all get a space on their own.  Our current lot will be the flower lot where else the fence area will be turned into vegetable area.  Herbs will be at the other end towards our garden gate, and all the bushes (including Hortensia´s) will be relocated to our plum tree area.  Today, we´ve started digging out all the dead bushes to be thrown away, and relocated those in other area to its new home.  Mama´s hortensia´s are all arranged neatly underneath the plum tree now.  Nice :-)

Square Foot Gardening
This idea is not new in US but I´ve only came across it recently.  It is suppose to be a very effective gardening method requiring minimum space and lesser material etc and at the same time, yielding more than traditional method.  We´re probably gonna built a few (3x3, or 4x4) of these and place them on our left hand side corner.  This method suits us well because our soil´s not that good anymore and its the most feasible way to get going without having to dig all our old soil out and put in new.  We only need to fill up the boxes with the recommended soil recipe, and thats it.  We gather that it will also solve our problems of keeping all the birds away by slipping a cover over the box when necessary.  The plants will be easier for my MIL to reach too as the box will be higher.


Once we complete the basic structure mention above, then I guess we will get down to the fun part of planting the spring bulb in place. And then the summer blooms etc, etc ...


Wow, wow, wow ... are you not excited for us?!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Kleine Münsterländer Schlachteplatte Dinner from Schlosshotel Restaurant

Bild 1708

We dined out again this week.  But this time round, we weren´t alone and was with the company of this lovely couple all the way from Nurnberg.  Our dinner last night was in the best restaurant in our little town here call Schlosshotel Restaurant (the castle hotel), which coincidently also happen to be the venue where our wedding dinner was held.  This restaurant serve very good Regional and Modern German cuisine but for last night, I decided to go regional. 

Believe it or not, this is the first time that I came across Haxe (pork knuckles) from the menu card in this area.  Great too that they weren´t that huge and I get to try out other local meat preparation on my plate. I loveeee their version of pork knuckles.  Although it does not come with crispy skin, the meat were well marinated and peppery sauce was tasty. I find the sausage a tad too salty but the meat loaf was again, delicious with perfect, delicate taste pork texture.  I have no idea what red wine they serve as housewine but my order of halb-trocken (half dry) went well with my plate. Overall, I find my 10.50 Euro plate a pretty good deal. 

We chatted way till pretty late before adjourning back home for more drinks. It was a lovely evening.
We still have unused voucher for this restaurant so I think we will return, really soon.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Celeriac, Leek & Carrot Soup with Sourdough Bread Dinner

I´m really putting our new Urban Nature Range´s Pasta cum Soup plate in good use.  Tonight, I decided to make something light and healthy for dinner, not to mention cheap too because will you believe me if I say this bunch of celeriac, leek and carrot bunch cost me not more than 1 Euro? Well, this is Germany and grocery shopping in my opinion is one of the cheapest in West Europe.

Bild 1682

Here´s the end result after mashing them with our handmixer.  The soup was rather bland on its own so I decided to add bouquet garni to it while the soup simmer. Some chicken stock granules went in as well to give it more taste.  I was afraid hubby will go scrambling for food later so I grilled him two skewer of mini sausage with tomato pieces in between.  It surely looked good so I ended up grilling a few pieces of prawn for myself.

Bild 1702

The sourdough bread complimented the soup well. There´s something strange happening.  I remembered a few months back mentioning how much I detest eating german bread.  But guess what? I kinda like them now. So now and then, I will actually go pick up some yummy loaf from the bakery. Hubby is neitherless, please.

On to another topic, we handpicked 2.5kg of Wild Blackberries near our place last Sunday! While most of it went into Confiture making (btw, Wild Blackberry and Cointreau goes really well together!) ... like shown here,

Bild 1644

the rest ended up on this cake stand, courtesy of hubby :-)

Bild 1674

We might wanna return to the same spot in two weeks time to harvest the remaining unripe ones. The confiture is going really fast ...

Thai Basil Chicken for Dinner

Bild 1668

I have been wanting to cook up Thai Basil Chicken for days as my pot of Thai Basil is starting to wilt due to the weather change. It happened finally yesterday evening after coming back from visiting KY, a friend I get to know recently thru our Mandarin course. Hubby´s mandarin had improved tremendously!  He was able to reside 1 to 10 a few days ago and with this basic and my explanation last night, he is able to go all the way to thousands now! Not bad huh .. my hubby, he´s great with language learning, just like that. 

But like he said, in what situation will he get to use such huge figure in Mandarin?  Haha .. well, it surely does come in handy in future eh, who knows.

So, a little story and nothing much to report - except today is another grey day and we´ve some things to clear in our guestroom because we´re expecting guest this weekend, and perhaps another two more couple end of the month! We are so excited about it :-)

Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Inspiration & Garden Ideas for Spring 2011

As much as I love Autumn  for its golden tree leave hues, Spring excites me like how a child is to candies.  They are colourful but most importantly, the glorious sun will no longer hide so long while the temperature is perfectly chill, not freezing cold.  I love gardening, but sad to say that I am only confident with bulb growing so far.  They are so easy to plant and needs very little care.  Only setback is, they usually last a month or two, and mostly can´t even last till summer. Our summer garden this year FAILED big time and this was the reason why I had not posted up any photos here.  I am not sure what went wrong, our soil is finally drained out from its proper nutrients, not enough water, the weather this year was too erratic, the seed quality weren´t that good (got them from Aldi!) or simply, the japanese summer flower seeds are just not suitable for the weather here.  Nothing to be proud off anyway so I striked them off here.  Anyway now is the right season to start planning again and by end of the month, seeding should begin. 

Here´s something I was fairly attracted too for the summer season.  Found the picture from MIL´s garden book  Can you believe it that they are mostly herb base plants?  I was attracted to this page because there are a few Onion variety blooms in them (Chives, Allium etc) and I´ve got pretty good experience growing them.  The other plants found in this graph are Clemantis, Purple Sage, Parsley, Waldmeister and Bayleaf of which most had shown tremendous potential in our garden in the past.  The challenge I have right now is space issue.  What we have is an odd triangle area with a Growing Cherry Tree in the middle.  I guess a bit of imagination is needed here.
Bild 1657

Moving on, wanna take a peek at our spring bulb inventory?  Here goes!

They are mainly sourced from Holland ...

Bild 1658

These are from France ... not sure how am I gonna go about it yet. Have to speak to my cousin in France to explain to me the instruction behind I guess ...

Bild 1659

These too ... I saw these onions being sold in France and they surely look good, though a tad pricey.  That aside, there´s no way I´m gonna cart back the real deal so why not seed them instead? Hopefully, they grow well.

Bild 1660

These are Muscari and I love them.  A lot of flower shops here actually grow them in little decorative pots with decorative items here and there, and one just need to pick the pot up and wait for the flower part to pop out. Fun eh :-)

Bild 1661

Ahhh Tulips ... the essential tulips.  I´ve about 24 from last year and I´ve picked up another packet of these Peonies lookalike.  There´s about 12 bulbs within.
Bild 1662

These are called China Town and its for the chinese in me.  I picked up 3 packets and hope to transform our lot to pink! Haha! Hubby will think its too sweet :-)

Bild 1663

And the last batch are the recycled Tulips and Allium bulbs from last year.  Hope they are good for this year.

Bild 1664

And ... here´s the odd bulbs for a small little pot to surprise us, I guess :-)

Bild 1666

That´s it.  Quite a lot actually ... so, I really gotta figure out a plan on how to squeeze everything in.