Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Reber Sacher Torte Session with In Laws

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What a mess you might say, but let me assure you that beneath the hard crack lies a not-too-bad Marzipan and Chocolate base Sacher Torte from Reber.  We wanted to try the original in Cafe Sacher, Salzburg but a freaking piece will set one back by almost 10 euro! Now, that is too much for an evening isn´t it.  And so, we got an alternative and am glad to report that the cake is not dry, as how the orignal one from Hotel Sacher is known for.  I am not so much a marzipan fan but surprisingly, this works well enough.  This cake can last up to 3 months in its original packaging so you can imagine what the hard chocolate cover is for.

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