Thursday, 23 September 2010

Oven Baked Endives, Pear & Tuna Dinner

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Boy, am I worned out today - both from work and from lack of sleep last night.  Yesterday evening, my considerate neighbour decided to shift things around their new bedroom (which coincidently is adjoining to our master bedroom) way pass the allowed hour at 10pm.  In many cases, any locals here would have probably alarmed the authority after signalling him/her to stop by banging the wall.  I don´t know what came to me that I did neither. I just wanted to curl in bed and wish it went away :-( It did eventually.

This morning, I went out shopping for household stuff.  It is funny that when Autumn arrives, every single household here starts heading to the nearest Baumart (DIY store) for shopping, pack their stuff up and starts cleaning every single nook/corner of their home.  When I first arrive, I was appalled by such action but guess who is doing it now.  Did some cleaning afterwhich but that not all.  Me and MIL decided to harvest our grapes and make some Jam Jelly out of it.  Jam Jelly is different from marmalade or confiture.  It is a lot more tedious because we have to pluck each of the grapes out, clean them, cook them slowly before sieving the juice out.  It is after these process then, that we´re able ot cook them into jelly state.  While MIL cooked, I decided to clean our terrace. You see, our grapes hang over our terrace (you can click here to take a look how its like) and due to us harvesting them late, some had dropped all over the floor leaving the terrace floor with stains and what not. I had to move the furniture pieces around (and boy, they sure are HEAVY!), the flower pots (oh boy, they surely make me itch!) and whatever comes inbetween and then SCRUB dee dub dub the entire terrace before using a squeegees to remove the access water.  My body is aching now and hubby´s not home to give me a massage.

Uhhhh huh huh ... :-(

But really, I am only half of MIL´s age and she´s been doing it all these years ALONE.

Na ja ... I´ll probably hit the sack early tonight.  How´s your day so far?

And oh ... the endives, pear and tuna which I baked in the oven for dinner tasted surprisingly good together.  Another new discovery :-)

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