Friday, 17 September 2010

Masala Glazed Pork Chop with Apples Dinner

We had another yummy dinner tonight. 

Bild 1314

I cooked something similiar few weeks ago for hubby to try and he liked it but only after a while of getting use to having apples in his savoury dish.  Instead of using french mustard to season the sauce like before, I decided to experiment with Masala Liquor this time round.  And oh boyyyy ... it was a great decision because the sauce is super DELICIOUS!  I cannot believe that something so simple by dumping the sliced apples into the pan of pork juice, deglazing the apples later once slightly browned and then adding some cream over can have such an effect.  I am pretty sure I will experiment further with this liquor deglazing technique :-)

Bild 1319

On a side note and lesson of the day, the pork chop was a tad too hard because I accidently left them on the frying pan wee too long.  Luckily it was salvaged and did not get burn, unlike the butter rice incident :-)


  1. hey lianne,yum yum !! i want to try out this recipe, can u share your recipe? thks

  2. Hi Hi!! Please update my blog's rss feeds to to receive automatic updates :) Thanks for the link


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