Thursday, 2 September 2010

Inlaws Anniversary & A Bargain After Disaster

Yesterday was my inlaws 43rd wedding anniversary so naturally, we were downstairs celebrating with them from coffee till dinner time.  Actually I started earlier in the morning to deliver my inlaws their special gift when I suddenly find myself having a glass of champagne with her :-)  The photos you see here were taken just a while ago as I was a tied up whole day. 

We had two wonderful cake for coffee time.  The berry ones baked by MIL and Donauwellen, the one with white topping is store bought.  Both were truly yummy.

Bild 1271

MIL informed me yesterday morning that a particular shoe shop were holding a half price sale starting yesterday due to last weekend´s  flood.  I was not sure if the shoes would be damp whatsover but figured, g check it out anyway.  Anyway, I found these all at half price and they were all in perfect condition so, no complain really.

I bought my first pair of Mary Jane at 9.90 Euro only (normal around 20 Euro).  It is superrrrr comfortable, came with chunky sole (perfect for cold, cold weather) and high (about 4 inch heels) and is something the locals here LOVEEEE wearing.  I am also a house shoe freak so when I spotted these Swiss Logo ones which I coincidently eyed on few weeks ago, I simply could not resist picking them up.  It was around 3.50 Euro only I think.  Bought a few pairs of socks too - winter is coming so stock them up first!  And one of my favourite item from Deichmann (it is a low end shoe store here btw) is their Soft-Gel Quattro Performance Gel Fussbett which cost 9.90 each normally and again, I got them at half price. I already have one and I swears by them.  I was one of those suffering from backaches after some hardcore walking but it miracelously went off during my last few travel trips.  It is really good.

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Anyway, dinner was simple Croque Monsieur from Ina Garten´s Barefoot in Paris cookbook.  I must say it is THE BEST Croque Monsieur I´ve ever tasted and simple could not believe how easy is it to make them.  It is a bit time consuming though but nevertheless you´ll be vowed by how yummy the special sauce taste and how it can actually transform a simple toast, bacon and cheese sandwich call Croque Monsieur.

Okok, I shall share you the recipe in my other blog when I return from our yearly summer vacation.  Speaking of `summer`vacation ... I am officially bringing my winter clothes out from my side closet (boo!) coz seriously, was it not August only when the temperature decided to take a dip? Oh well ...

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