Monday, 20 September 2010

Harvested Grapes, Homemade Grapewine & Snacks

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My tummy was rumbling again after brunching on a small bowl of Meehoon Soup awhile ago.  I am going to blame it on the cold weather be it a genuine reason or not.  Haha.  It really is not helping that the freshly harvested grapes from our garden were screaming for me to eat it from our kitchen counter top.  Since I am such a health freak, why not accompany them with something healthy such as cheese and alcohol?  :-P

Two nights ago, MIL and hubby turned our grapes into a small portion of grapewine (its more like a cocktail really, base on the method used ... hehe) and it tasted super yummy!  All I know is, they added some sugar and alcohol in without any cooking process but I will observe further when we (me and MIL) harvest and make something out from the remaining grapes when hubby goes off for his second summer vacation coming Wednesday.

I had them with sliced hazelnut salami which I brought back from Rhone´s Valley along with St Albray cheeses.  They say, eat like the french or japanese if you wanna stay slim :-P

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  1. Grapewine sounds interesting. Yes, pls do share how your MIL makes it. Thanks!


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