Sunday, 19 September 2010

Galettes, A Breton Style Buckwheat Crepe

Bild 1323

This crepe caught my attention years ago upon reading them from this japanese lady´s blog.  She was raving about this particular french stall near the market of her place (somewhere in Los Angeles) that it never left my mind.  I finally get the chance to taste the infamous buckwheat base Crepe after spotting a packet being sold here.  This kinda crepe originates from Britanny, North France apparently.  Unlike in Paris where they usually serve their crepe with Nutella or sweet stuffing, seafood is use abundantly in their daily diet since they are closely located at the coast area.  Other form of savoury are commonly use too.

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I made a simple Schinken or Ham based Crepe for hubby, along with slices of tomatoes, gouda cheese and lots of fresh herbs.  I wanted mine as close to Breton style as possible so I stuffed mine silly with prawns, squid and mussels which I precooked with lots of garlic, white wine and cream.

I´ve made a batch of the crepe on a standby along with all the other ingredients for whole day assembling and munching.  Today is Sunday - means no slaving around day! Haha.


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