Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Curry Chicken Katsu Don Dinner

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Last night, I decided to make Ching He Huang´s classic Curry Chicken Katsu Don for dinner.  I´ve made them once - remembered being vowed by it but something is definately not right with the recipe I´d jotted down.  The gravy were way too much, too liquidy, calling for 450 chicken stock of which I foolishly poured into the already filled-up pot.  I´ll say pour half portion in if you wanna give this recipe a try, that will do well.  The taste is yummy with slight sweetish taste, result from the apples and bananas used.  Hubby loved it so that´s a plus. With the two extra katsu chicken pieces leftover, I packed one into his `bento`box for today´s lunch and the other will probably be used for my lunch today.

Oh btw, do check out Ching He Huang if you´re into chinese food.  She´s a British Chinese, a sweet and shy-ish looking presenter I must say ... not too bad.

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