Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Charcuterie Platter Dinner

Bild 1563

Tonight, I decided to go easy on hubby because he is not well. I would love to cook him a nice bowl of hot porridge to nurse him back to health but alas, my hubby is not chinese, nor asian so ... I´ve prepared his kinda comfort food in form of bread assortment, slices of cold cuts, cheese spread and nibbles here and there - just as how my inlaws downstairs have their dinner every night.

There goes our last batch of yummy french hazelnut salamis. Btw, do you know whats that orange looking thing at the bottom right corner of this photo? It is cactus fruit! They taste pretty good, sweet and creamy, but the rather awkward seed appearing now and then is a bit troublesome to remove away and yet, uncomfortable enough to swallow.  Nice nevertheless.

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