Thursday, 2 September 2010

Burnt Butter Chicken Rice

Bild 1278

Hubby looked kinda shocked when he saw me dumping two medium size frozen chicken pieces into a pot of melted butter.  Luckily he did not hang around further to witness the smokey action in the kitchen after pouring the rice into the buttered chicken! Small accident where I left the heat on too high to cook while I tend to the vege dish.  Thankfully I discovered it early enough to produce two portion of rice still, minus the black ones underneath AND I must add that it was a wonderful accident BECAUSE, I loveeee the burnt fragrant smell of the buttered rice!

Bild 1280

Dinner was not bad.  Hubby commented on how huge the plate of vegetables were.  Well, I need to clear the perishables so ...

One more day tomorrow before the road trip.  A lot to do tomorrow .... so hopefully, I will find time to come online. Otherwise, wishing you all great weekend ahead until I resume back to blogging mid September!


  1. Have a great road trip!

    Interesting combo - burnt butter with rice and chicken. Kinda like our margarine cooked chicken rice in KL.

  2. Margarine cooked chicken rice!? I have been away for too long now ... Didn't know it existed!

    Enjoy your road trip L :-)


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