Sunday, 19 September 2010

An Apple Heart Me ...

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We had breakfast, lunch and tea break and continued walking and shopping in Enschede till late evening yesterday.  By the time we arrived home, I had no energy left to do much else - needless to say cook so all I had was a small portion of yoghurt and snacked for dinner.  I also discovered an amazing site where I could read old issues of publication/magazines in assorted languages last night!  Isn´t that amazing?! Do visit the site if you are like me, living in a foreign land without an english bookstore nearby.  This site surely comes handy!

While munching on some snacks, hubby came in with a surprise for me :-)  It was from our apple tree downstairs and MIL was the one whom found them before passing them to hubby.  She is the sweetest isnt´t she ... :-)

Check out the heart ... AWWWWW :-)

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