Friday, 3 September 2010

Almost Moitié-Moitié Fondue Dinner

With a bit of time at hand before I head to bed, I thought I´ll share you what we had for dinner tonight.

Bild 1287

Remember the red wine from last Sunday? I had to finish them off tonight otherwise, the taste will no longer be fresh when we return.  Our dinner was fabulous. We had a yummy Provence style fondue with very, VERY strong wine taste as we´ve got quite a bit of bread/toast left.  The fondue are packaged stuff from Switzerland but I swear that it taste almost identical to Moitié-Moitié Fondue (Gruyere / Vacherin Fribourg cheese mix) I´ve tried in Gruyere! Not bad for a 3.00 Euro ready made fondue packet :-)

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