Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summer Blooms in Our Garden

Summer only appeared around May this year, and now even in mid August, it is already feeling a bit chilly at times. Sign of summer ending soon?  I am not sure but I do hope to enjoy them as much as I can before the winter chill sets it.  Some photos I captured a few weeks ago when it was still bright and lovely here.

Bild 937

MIL´s new buddha, sitting in one corner of the garden.  MIL was so cute ... she asked me if I mind her placing a buddha in the garden and I was like ... of course not.  The statue will only be of significant if one believes in the spiritual aspect of it.  Complicated to explain but yeah ..

Bild 939

Some Hortensia´s and Asters and few summer blooms which I am too lazy to go find out what its called .. haha ... enjoy the pics will do okay?

Bild 940

Bild 941

Bild 949

Bild 943

Bild 944

Bild 945

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