Sunday, 15 August 2010

Work in Progress ... New Kitchen Look! (Part 1)

Finally, our additional Pantry space was up last weekend. But it is not complete yet as we are waiting for its sliding door together with the other cabinet doors we are changing to arrive still.  Our new kitchen look will be very white - glossy white infact (hooray!) from the base all the way to the wall units.  We are not changing our tiles however as it requires too much work but since it is light grey in colour, we gather that it will go well with the light grey wall, the white cornice as well as the white ceiling which we painted recently.

But nothing please me more than having these extra space for growth, including some storage space for my beloved cookbooks! Lovely :-)

Bild 960

We have hundreds of these lovely jars rotting underneath our cellar downstairs, so decided to make full use of it to store our staple food.

Bild 961

Our little corner of western stuff, right in the middle rack while the other two bottom is dedicated to asian department :-)

Bild 962

There´s a small section for our gadgets too.  I cannot believe that even with this new pantry, we still lack space in the event we wanna get hold of the much needed mini food processor cum hand mixer and my rice cooker. Urgggg :-(

Bild 964

Next, awaiting our new glossy white door frames
with its knobless push-system to arrive in two weeks time
*biggg grin*

Then comes accessorizing ...

We were in Enschede yesterday, and did quite a bit of shopping. Came back with a dark wood cheeseboard cum chopping board (loveee it!), a Pyrex glass jar and btw, it cost 3-4 folds more buying Pyrex stuff in Germany or (unbelievable) than buying them in Holland (Blokker) ... so do take note if you live around this area!
Oh ... I started a white porcelain collection too.  While I have decided to go with Urban Nature´s collection from Villeroy & Boch - chose it because its not so pricey and I think it goes really well with both asian style and western style dining besides it being able to fit it perfectly for both formal and informal experience ... hubby decided to extend his Douwe Egbert Coffee Cup D.E range collection by adding in two new espresso cups.

Bild 931

Bild 936

I loveeeee this set.

I am starting really small .. . pieces by pieces and hopefully soon, I will be able to have a beautiful table setting like these at home ...

(christmas present, birthday present, any occassion present *hint, hint*



  1. Wow, i love your Urban Nature set! my hubby and i were doubting if we should get the cottage basic set, the price is... so in the end we dropped the idea and bought something else, but now looking at your set, i wish my coming dining set will be from V&B! Amazing kitchen and superb food on your blog, love those photos (sieht sehr lekker aus!)! keep it up with cooking excellent food! :)

  2. I know Rebecca .. some of the sets are super XXX, especially the cottage set, argg .. imagine if chipped it or worst, dropped them .. alamak, sakit hati. But this set from Urban Nature is not too bad .. our speiseteller is around 17 Euro, and the fruhstuckteller is around 13 euro each. Not bad huh ...


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