Thursday, 26 August 2010

Douwe Egberts, Lavazza and now Segafredo, Movenpick Coffee Pads

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We went a bit shopping crazy yesterday evening in the biggest Edeka market I´ve ever come across not far from hubby´s old work area.  Imagine a cooling isle of about 3 metres dedicated to margerine only or 5 metre long of prepacked cheeses choices in addition to gourmet cheese selection which you buy by weight.  I went in with a shopping list with not more than a handful of items written on BUT guess what. We came back with 3 bags full of grocery which we already have in stock.

Food temptation .. :-)

One of the item we went overboard with was our Coffee Pad refills.  Though we are happy with our Douwe Egberts, and loving our Lavazza Mild, we could not resist picking up a bag of Segafredo and Movenpick each.  I have a feeling Segafredo´s gonna blow my mind, don´t know why ... haha but anyway, I will report back as soon as I finish trying them all :-)

What´s your favourite coffee brand?

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