Monday, 30 August 2010

Simple Chinese on Merdeka Eve

That´s hubby saying hello to all of you :-)

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I would be gorging down some lovely Nasi Lemak, Mamak Food or some Chinese Hawker Fare take out (tapau) from nearest coffee shop if I am in Malaysia today.  It is after all the eve of Malaysia´s Independence Day which the locals call Merdeka Day.  But I am here. There´s nothing I can do but make the best out of it.  We will be leaving for our long, awaited holiday soon so I´m trying to clear off as much perishables from our fridge and pantry as possible.  We had a simple chinese dinner tonight, just like how I use to have them when young.

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Fortunately, Germany is a pork country and there´s lots of luncheon meat variety being sold.  The meat quality here is great so I had quite a few pieces.  My mum would without fail cook at least a vegetable dish during dinner by simply stir frying them with garlic pieces and seasoning them with some salt. Our vegetables were cooked the same way as mum tonight.  An egg dish is pretty common too, so does a soup or fish dish but I´m all for egg dish today coz we´ve quite a few eggs left.  I fried them simple with some tomatoes just like how the Hongkies does it.  The fresh, sweetish tomatoes does wonders to this simple egg dish.

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Our drink tonight was rather interesting too. I would love to have Ribena like how I use too back in those days but since its not available, I did the best next thing by mixing local red grape juice with sparkling water.

So, this was our special dinner on this special day. How about you?  What did you had for dinner?

Happy Merdeka to all of you out there and have a nice restday :-)


  1. Happy Merdeka to you & yr hubby too!

    It's lovely to see you celebrate with yr version of local food. Guess we take our local delicacies for granted here since we get it all year round.

  2. Your husband seemed to be very happy with the dinner;). Do you live in Germany too?

  3. Thanks Boo and Happy Merdeka to you too! I guess its like me taking the local german food here for granted and the ones I´m having its something extraordinary though simple :-)

  4. Oh yes Cooking Gallery, he surely is a happy man as long as he is not hungry haha. Yup, I am in Germany. You too?


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