Sunday, 29 August 2010

Made in Geneva Red Wine, White Asparagus and German Style Bangers & Mash

I had a very, very yummy tomyum noodle (the instant kind!) with huge prawns for lunch today so come dinner time, it was back to German food.

Bild 1218

Bild 1215

Some of you may have heard that it had been raining here for the past week while it poured consecutively for almost 12 hours three days ago nonstop. It was so bad that part of our town was flooded and both end of the road leading to our street was blocked off from any exit and entrance coz water level reached more than a meter high!  Thankfully, our street is located on highland and we were save from the disaster.  But the thought of having to stay in, checking our cellar from time to time and making sure there´s enough food in our pantry and all was quite an experience.  Now that the water had subsided, but STILL raining ... we are wondering if our Balloon Ride which falls tomorrow will go on, or not. 

Oh well .. we will see.

Bild 1225

And I thought I have left all the flood water disaster behind me when I left Malaysia two years ago.  How wrong was I.

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