Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kohlrabi Appetiser and Roast Chicken Pasta

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Our dinner last night was Kohlrabi, Brocolli and Iceberg Salad for Appetiser. Frau Pepping, my MIL´s weekly cleaner recently harvested them from her garden but mind you, it is not ordinary Kohlrabi but an XXL one measuring 20cm across! As you can see here, both our portions utilises only 2/5 of the whole Kohlrabi and both me and hubby had a good laugh over what fertiliser she, or her hubby (the one mending the garden) uses?! :-) And yeah, she surprised us with her 30cm tall bush of Parsley too, and normal size tomatoes which hubby calls it Frau Pepping´s Cocktail Tomatoes? Haha.  Jokes aside, they tasted just as any normal size ones you get from store if not better. So yeah .. our appetiser last night.

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I had roast chicken for lunch yesterday and with the balance, I turned them into Roast Chicken Pasta for last night´s dinner.  I cooked them lightly with fresh mushrooms and leeks.  Seasoning was kept to minimum with nothing more than olive oil and italian herb seasoning. I though this was great.

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