Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hainanese Chicken Chop & Fig Salad Dinner

I had it all planned out last night on what to have for breakfast this morning.  It will be Malaysian breakfast to celebrate this special day and I thought, why not do something simple ala Kopitiam - a cup of Milo, half boil egg and a simple bun with margerine and kaya except that I am planning to replace the kaya bit with peanut butter since I don´t have kaya. Simple enough.  With the last 2 eggs I have left in our fridge, how hard can half boil egg be. Wrong.  With an egg boiler machine, anything can go wrong. I was clearly dissappointed when I crack the egg open to find them actually almost fully cooked?!

Bah ...

Come lunch time, I decided to pig out in a local chinese restaurant with a 6.50 Euro per person buffet. I figured, I shall do something Malaysian tonight instead and enjoy them with hubby. Lunch was good, and am thoroughly happy with it.

So what´s for dinner you may ask?  Tadaaa .... (drum roll ...)

Bild 1258

Haha .. something unMalaysian for appetiser! I could not resist picking up some fresh figs when I spotted them in the market today so I just gotta have them! I paired them with crispy bacon pieces amongst some baby salad leaves.  Dressing was simple yoghurt sauce and my favourite Balsamic Vinegar AND added in some crunch in form of sunflower seeds too.  It was really good.

Then comes the main course ... and TADAAA ...

Something Malaysian! Phewww ...

Bild 1266

Yeah, this is my version of Hainanese Chicken Chop which hubby gave thumbs up coz I fried the chicken thigh till crispy and the chicken was really, really fresh.  The sauce was simple ketchup, some thai sweet sour sauce and all the vegetables you see here added in. Not so difficult to make but of course, it is my version for lazy people like me.

So, how was your Merdeka so far?

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  1. Drooool ... one of my fave makans in the world, HCC! Hainanese Chicken Chop :-)

    HAPPY MERDEKA, girl!


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