Sunday, 22 August 2010

Federweisser & Zweibelkuchen Dinner

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Every year before the Italian winemakes bottle up their grape juices for wine making, they would sent some over to Germany to be bottled into Federweisser. This combination of Federweisser (Fresh Wine) and Zweibelkuchen (Onion Cake) is very popular around the region of South West Germany (Pfalz area) and East of France (Alsace) but thankfully, we get to enjoy Federweisser all over Germany as most supermarket chains stocks them around this period.

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One can buy Zweibelkuchen from the store, but I prefer making them from scratch. We tried the bread style ones from the recipe listed behind the Federweisser´s bottle last year (click here for the post) but after trying the thin crust version from Weichnachmart (Christmas Market) last year during Christmas, I decided to abort the thick version and go crusty instead :-)

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We both loved this version :-)

Ina Garten´s Pissaladiere dough crust recipe as mention in her book states that it is for two but check this out!  It was soooo huge ... I think it can easily feed four!

I will skip any appetiser next year ...

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