Wednesday, 4 August 2010

First Barbecue of the Year

Bild 931

Thanks for this GREAT Gift! You know who you are :-)

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  1. hi,
    what an excellent idea to put boiled eggs in the salad! the eggs look perfectly cook, soft in the centre, the whole salad looks incredibly tempting.

    i always read your blogs for some inspiration on cooking and decorating. as always, i was really amazed by your creativies,thanks...

    regards, elena

  2. OOoh. Are those sausages wrapped in bacon that I see? *drool*
    (Looks good!)

  3. what a fantastic bbq.. i can almost smell it ;)

  4. Oh my! How indulgent! Everything looks so delicious! Those eggs look divine!!!

  5. Gorgeous Salad! Nice meats as well :)

  6. thanks Elena, I am biggg on egg so its a must everywhere :-)

  7. can you believe it J that its supermarket ready stuff, but pretty good quality too. don´t mind picking up more in future for a quick snack!

  8. ahhh you stole most of the smell Ciki! no wonder! hehe ... but you´re most welcome to have more .. there´s plenty of smoke to go around hehe :-)

  9. We´re pretty lucky to get our eggs weekly fresh from my MIL´s cleaner´s farm :-) they taste really good, even when raw Meena. Maybe I should one day cook them ala japanese style with some noodles!

  10. thankss Neko :-) Not bad meat quality here so not much marinade is needed usually, but I still prefer to smoulder them with lots of BBQ sauce ala malaysian style hehe.


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