Saturday, 21 August 2010

Al-fresco Mexican Dinner at Home

After weeks of gloomy, autumn-like weather, Mr. Sunny decided to resurfaced again yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday around 26C with little wind.  Not too hot, not too humid but perfect so we decided to go al-fresco dining on our balcony.

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It was my first time making something Mexican and I did not have any recipe on hand. But I do know that their famous Tacos came with a few component.  It has the essential tortilla wrappers (bread), guacamole spread (which I added smashed garlic, chopped onion and lots of lime juice into the avocado base mash), tomato/cucumber salsa and some side shredded cabbage to balance off the whole wrap meal. 

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While I did the cooking, hubby helped set the table outside with candle light, table clothe and all :-) He even prepared me a `Mexican`inspired cocktail drink using a replacement of Vodka instead of Tequila.

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I thought it was a not bad Tacos meal except to be more careful with the spices in the future, coz I accidently sprinkled cinnamon on the chicken meat instead of paprika.  Also, I should go easy on the lime juice :-)

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