Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer Fruits For World Cup Hangover


The perpectual packets of junkfood is officially over now that World Cup 2010 came to an end.  Time to lift our heavy butt off the couch and start eating proper food.  How are you coping with your World Cup hangover?  We are doing extremely well ... with hubby and his buddies throwing a Football Theme Bday Celebration last night in the local Football Stadium here.  Not a very good way to get over football yet.  But we are trying.  I still can´t get over how good the Deutschemannschaft is, not just how well they performed for such a young team, they were trained exceptionally well to handle defeat too and I feel it is important considering how the whole world are watching over every little step and making judgement of how your countrymen really are.  I was pretty impressed with Uruguayian team too hence I will be on a lookout for them next World Cup.  Spain did very well with their fluid style game and as how the whole world saw it, the German squad had tough time winning them, but again, Thomas Müller was not around :-) But the German Squad bounced back with an exciting, clean performance against Uruguay and I cannot help wonder how would the German Squad fare if they played against Holland because they scored the exact 3:2 against Uruguay although most of the German Players on the field that day were mainly new players with Klose, Lahm, Podolski and Neuer watching from the bench as they were not well.  Good job boys, I am so proud of you :-)  I also hope Brazil comes back stronger next WC because lets face it, World Cup without Brazil is like Germany going Vegan.

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