Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hubby´s 40th Birthday


Hubby turned 40 few days ago.  It seems that turning 30, 40, 50 and anything ending with an-0 is a big thing here with the locals usually throwing something out of the norm to celebrate this special day.    A lot of things did not turn out as planned.  I wanted to give hubby something unique, handmade and related to sailing by painting some simple sailing icon on small canvases but discovered that my talent´s gone down the drain since secondary school days.  His birthday party was suppose to be sailing related too and was to be a small intimate affair at home with lots of sailing related program, merchandise and food/drinks.  But due to last minute date change to his friend´s 40th birthday plan to hubby´s date - they (2 of his friends and hubby) ended up celebrating a football theme birthday in a football club together.  So much for getting over World Cup 2010 and here it is, at the face again.  It was fun nevertheless with hubby´s family, friends, colleagues and even boss present.  Food was flowing the whole night with Gyros and Champignon filling up the guest´s plates.  Appetisers and Salads were applenty too, with friends and family chipping in a bowl each with more than 10 assortment on the buffet section.  My chinese style Fried Wantan was surprisingly a hit and so is my Chicken Teriyaki Salad.  If there´s one item I remember well on the buffet table that is related to football, it must be the specially made football bread.  All 6 of them were fresh and tasty as it looked. We ended our meal with rasberry pannacotta, apricot mousse, heerencreme and waldmeister jelly. Drinks, well ... you name it, it was all there.

One thing went as planned.  Simple sausage & gouda puffs with freshly made Apricot & Gooseberry Quark Cake along with his birthday pressies at the balcony for breakfast.  No fancy present from me though coz I am poor :-P But Mama ... my oh my ... :-)

Happy Birthday Lou Kung, and have a great year ahead!


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