Monday, 26 July 2010

Ratshotel Restaurant Food Review

First and foremost, a message to anonymous ... take a chill-pill and relaxxxx ....

No octopus were harmed personally from my previous post except the fact that,
that particular can of spanish-tapas sitting at the bottom of my pantry is close
to expire. Chillax, yeah?


Back to this post, we have a booklet of Buy 1 Free 1 Meal voucher to be utilised before November and it was only last week that we´ve started using the 1st of the 30 restaurant series.  Most of the featured restaurants are well-known around this area, some in the town I live in but some requires a bit of driving.  Anyway, here´s what we ate in this Ratshotel Restaurant, about 500 metres from our home.

Appetiser was complimentary Filo Pastry Stuffed Mushroom.  Not bad, but not great either.  Mushroom was too oily for me.  Like all main courses in this region, a separate plate of salad is served. It is summer hence everything you see here tasted gorgeous and fresh.  Too bad on the sweetish taste salad sauce.


My main course of Plum in Pork Roll served with red wine sauce.  Meat was great and tender, but would have preferred to have them with other savoury base filling next time.


Hubby´s Pork Fillet dish baked in a bread enclave.  He was busy eating so I assume its yummy.

Mine came with fried polenta.  Not bad.


The bill came up to around 26 Euro inclusive of a small jug of house wine and 2 glasses of German beer.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hubby´s 40th Birthday


Hubby turned 40 few days ago.  It seems that turning 30, 40, 50 and anything ending with an-0 is a big thing here with the locals usually throwing something out of the norm to celebrate this special day.    A lot of things did not turn out as planned.  I wanted to give hubby something unique, handmade and related to sailing by painting some simple sailing icon on small canvases but discovered that my talent´s gone down the drain since secondary school days.  His birthday party was suppose to be sailing related too and was to be a small intimate affair at home with lots of sailing related program, merchandise and food/drinks.  But due to last minute date change to his friend´s 40th birthday plan to hubby´s date - they (2 of his friends and hubby) ended up celebrating a football theme birthday in a football club together.  So much for getting over World Cup 2010 and here it is, at the face again.  It was fun nevertheless with hubby´s family, friends, colleagues and even boss present.  Food was flowing the whole night with Gyros and Champignon filling up the guest´s plates.  Appetisers and Salads were applenty too, with friends and family chipping in a bowl each with more than 10 assortment on the buffet section.  My chinese style Fried Wantan was surprisingly a hit and so is my Chicken Teriyaki Salad.  If there´s one item I remember well on the buffet table that is related to football, it must be the specially made football bread.  All 6 of them were fresh and tasty as it looked. We ended our meal with rasberry pannacotta, apricot mousse, heerencreme and waldmeister jelly. Drinks, well ... you name it, it was all there.

One thing went as planned.  Simple sausage & gouda puffs with freshly made Apricot & Gooseberry Quark Cake along with his birthday pressies at the balcony for breakfast.  No fancy present from me though coz I am poor :-P But Mama ... my oh my ... :-)

Happy Birthday Lou Kung, and have a great year ahead!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer Fruits For World Cup Hangover


The perpectual packets of junkfood is officially over now that World Cup 2010 came to an end.  Time to lift our heavy butt off the couch and start eating proper food.  How are you coping with your World Cup hangover?  We are doing extremely well ... with hubby and his buddies throwing a Football Theme Bday Celebration last night in the local Football Stadium here.  Not a very good way to get over football yet.  But we are trying.  I still can´t get over how good the Deutschemannschaft is, not just how well they performed for such a young team, they were trained exceptionally well to handle defeat too and I feel it is important considering how the whole world are watching over every little step and making judgement of how your countrymen really are.  I was pretty impressed with Uruguayian team too hence I will be on a lookout for them next World Cup.  Spain did very well with their fluid style game and as how the whole world saw it, the German squad had tough time winning them, but again, Thomas Müller was not around :-) But the German Squad bounced back with an exciting, clean performance against Uruguay and I cannot help wonder how would the German Squad fare if they played against Holland because they scored the exact 3:2 against Uruguay although most of the German Players on the field that day were mainly new players with Klose, Lahm, Podolski and Neuer watching from the bench as they were not well.  Good job boys, I am so proud of you :-)  I also hope Brazil comes back stronger next WC because lets face it, World Cup without Brazil is like Germany going Vegan.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Semi Finals Night


Just to drop a note to let you know that I am alive, still.  Nothing much is happening except catching up with the games.  Germany as I am typing this is playing against Spain.  Paul the Octopus predicted that Germany will be out today.  Let´s hope he is dead wrong, otherwise Oberhausen, the shopping mall where he is located needs tigher security.  All the best to the team that played the most striking football this world cup, and hope to see them in the FINALS :-)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Argentinien 0:4 Deutschland WM 2010 - Highlights

  • Maradona now knows who Thomas Müller is from 03 July 2010 onwards.
  • And yeah, Schweinsteiger were nervous.

Someone´s eating a humble pie now. Lesson to be learned : Do the walk rather than talk, and don´t be too cocky.  This is what happens.