Tuesday, 15 June 2010

World Cup Fever in ON

This is old news, but just saying you know ... that this is the reason why I have been (or will be!) missing from this beloved blog.  So far, I am very impressed with my adopted home´s team Germany´s game last Sunday :-).  I was as skeptical as the many others before the game against Australia because, lets face it .... it is not easy when a team changes their captain, incorporate in new players and loosing star-player aka Michael Ballack at such critical moment but the German team proved themselves last Sunday.  They played really, really well infact, way surpassed my sceptism.  Their ball passing was precision accurate and they don´t waste precious energy chasing the ball around.  Watching players bouncing back and forth, not able to make up their mind can be pretty confusing and argg ... irritating (especially coupled with that Vuvu thingy!).  Their defence were relatively good too, but again, it is too early to tell if they can take the test of better teams.  What I really liked was their attack. It was precise, tactical and ohhhh ...  how much I love watching what these boys do to aim for a goal ... its so interesting when seeing strategy being implemented on-screen and them making it look sooo easy :-)  The forward team were more creative this time round too and coming from four different players, I think it speaks a lot about the strength of each player (I hope).  I like teams which encourages players to score goals when opportunity arises instead of always handling them to certain `star-strikers`which I felt, not only over-burden the striker´s responsibility, from a viewer point, one tends to ask `whyyyyy, whyyyy???!!.  Football is team work people. Full stop. The midfielder did a great job on both ends too (thanks Schweinsteiger and Philip Lahm!) but heard that Schweinsteiger is currently sick in South Africa (bummer).  But what I love most was, the teams chemistry was unbelievable.  It was a warm feeling watching games being played as it should be and not loop-sided with star-player showing attitude to normal players (hate that).  The few new players such as Oznil, Cacao and Müller were all a breath of fresh air to the normally-can-be-pretty-boring-but-consistent German team, and I can say that they are the best German teams I have ever seen so far (and mind you, I have been German team supporter wayyy before marrying a German boy), so I am really, really hoping for them to be able to at least be on top 3 position.

Other than that, I was also impressed with the South Korean and North Korean team too. While the South Korean team, reportedly to have been drinking cups and cups of ginseng to increase their stamina and speed, the North Korean´s defence tactic were so well-built that only a true, world class player such as Brazil were able to squeeze a corner goal towards the end after trying hard for good first half.

So far, I am NOT impress with Portugal, Italy, France, England or even Brazil.  I had lots of expectation like many others and the thing I  notice again and again with these big giants are, they are not able to pass the ball accurately to their team mates?! I have also seen so many times ball bouncing back to them when they tried passing to their team mates but has infact shoot them towards their opponent rigth infront!  Strange.  And this leaves me with a question if they have practised as a group before arriving to South Africa to play?  Also, so many a times that these star players were given the golden opportunity to score a goal but only seeing the ball bounced totally different direction, or way off the goal post, which leave me questioning ... errr, is the ball or the grass too slippery?  I think these guys need to bunk up their game or else, some unexpected team will take home the cup. 

Today, Spain´s gonna play against Switzerland.  Spain is one of my favourite team, but after all that had happened with the star team, I have this feeling Switzerland´s gonna outshine Spain.

I am betting! So far, I have won on last night´s game with my tip being 2-1 for Brazil versus North Korean!

Wish me luck for today´s game!

Update 16/6 :
Spain ( 0 ) Switzerland ( 1 ) !!!


  1. I agree - Italy, France, England, Brazil and Portugal have all failed to live up to the pre-tournament hype. At the moment, Holland, Germany and Spain (depending on today's result) look like the in-form sides and must be delighted at the way everyone is failing to get out of 1st gear.

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  3. Wooo, someone's enjoying the match! ;)


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