Saturday, 12 June 2010

She Likes White Diningroom, Actually ...


I did not stop at just Modern Asian as you can see. Infact, I spent a good few hours infront of the PC yesterday playing with the online software.  My sister actually gave me a few pointers of what she actually wanted sometime back but I prepared her a Modern Asian concept anyway.  In the event if she decides to streamline the concept of her home with wood and cream base tone, there is a choice.

She actually love her diningroom bright and spacious.  If possible too, to incorporate in large mirrors and a lovely chandelier right in the middle of the room.  The moment she mentioned that, a close friend´s diningroom came to mind.  So happen too that I had a picture of her dining area taken during our last gathering.  I emailed them over to sis, and she nodded straightaway.  Its great, because this means that my sister can get intouch with my friend on where to get the pieces of item to put the whole look together!

For me, a marbled top or frosted  glass table is a no-no. Not when living in Germany but in a hot, tropical country, it is a blessing to have something cold to balance off the weather.  I personally love this black chair, sort of remind me of ours but I think my sister will have to go with leather instead of fabric, for practicality reason.  I think getting the chandelier is not a problem because there is a fabulous light shop just right outside our condo unit.  Great pieces with great prices too.  Oh, how I wish I was able to bring some back her to my Germany home during my last trip.  As for the carpet, I am not sure if I have seen anything close to this design in Kuala Lumpur.  She will also have to do quite a bit of hunting for the mirror, but if all else fails, Ikea has quite a reasonably priced range so .. no fear.  But I think the thing that will probably bring out the whole diningroom are the sideboard and diningware cabinet, some lovely black/white prints on the wall and bits and pieces of small accessories to bring bridge the whole concept together.  I personally wish she goes for this!

Otherwise, someone´s gotta use this and I cannot help hoping is that person could be us!

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