Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Kitchen Remodelling 2.0 Version


I don´t understand why hubby calls it Version 2.0 when the fact is, the kitchen was freshly built few years ago and nothing had changed since.  Ah well. Anyway, we´ve seen some samples of laminate from 3M to change the colour of our current green and rasberry kitchen cabinet, and there selection is HUGE! I am thinking Glossy White, but hubby´s more into grey, which isn´t such a bad idea but as it is, dark colours would usually make a place appear smaller.  So I am not so into that idea, but will see how it goes.  Perhaps do a colour combo of white, and grey.  Or perhaps, add a hint of green into our kitchen look.  That would be a good compromise eh.  Other than that, I am checking out some new tiles.  Not sure if we will want our current one replaced or not. I would love that being done to something sleek and narrow-like but again, it comes down to weither is it worth it or not.  I´ve bought some canvas to start painting too! Woohoo! Hopefully, my rustic painting skill will come back!  All and all, just some improvement here and there.  To fix the lights so that it is AT LEAST diagonal and not facing a funny degree.  And new pantry cupboard! I desperately need more space, SPACE and SPACE! Will see ...



  1. Its looking fantastic, after kitchen remodeling its look totally different, thanks for this post.


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